Useful limit error messages

After having a particularly painful experience using the Help chat this morning, where I gave up waiting on the agent to get back to me again and used a workaround instead, can I suggest:

If a customer is trying to make a payment that exceeds a payment limit, instead of a generic “Exceeded payment limit” message, can it be improved to detail which limit(s) has been exceeded? This will allow customers to guide the agent on chat to the exact issue if a limit needs to be changed temporarily.

Hello, you can find this information yourself. You can see your limits by going to help and typing limits. You will then be able to give more exact info to cops.

Thanks, and I did use that in the chat. However I didn’t know exactly if I’m transferring money from a sole to joint account, is that the Daily bank transfer limit or the Daily to Monzo contacts limit? Is it one or both of those limits? In this case, the agent has changed the wrong one by the looks.

Another suggestion would be to set a higher limit for transfers between a customers own Monzo accounts, regardless of whether they are sole or joint, to avoid this altogether. It’s a very low risk transaction, and the money is still within Monzo.

More details in the declined transaction feed would definitely be helpful.