Use your specified contact name on the Feed

On the Payments tab we can now merge payees and give the contact a name. Great!

Unfortunately, that name doesn’t pass through to the Feed. It should! (With the original name down the bottom like the original data for card transactions).


(From the Payments tab mega-thread )

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Altering what shows in the feed is dangerous ground.

Abandonment of merchant enrichment confirmed!

(But seriously, please explain why this is different to merchant data?)

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I thought it already did this if your contact was on Monzo?

My friend is French, and the multilingual chats means apostrophes and accents start invading auto correct and predictive messaging. So out of troll, for her contact card, I’ve used random accents on all the vowels of her name. I’m sure those persist in transfers between Monzo accounts, I presume because Monzo have access to my contacts and recognise the phone number, so replace her name in Monzo with her name in my contacts. I’m 64% sure this persists through to the feed.

In any case, I’ve voted because I like this idea.

Edit: Just checked. It does. But oddly, it doesn’t use the contact photo I have and is presumably using the one from her Monzo account.

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Merchant data is a correction/improvement and not wildly changing it to anything and everything.

Have you seen some of the corrections?!

But I still don’t see the conceptual difference. Especially when you throw in keeping the original in the same place as the unenriched merchant data.

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To throw in more bizarreness. Her name on the payments tab is her name according to Monzo, so is missing the accents!

I’d settle for some consistency here!


Corrections aren’t wrong, they might be in the first instance but that’s a whole other story.

I think editing that feed, whatever that edit is, if you let a customer do it, it will just create problems for Monzo. They don’t need more chat headaches.