Suggestion: Payee nicknames while setting up

I originally wrote a suggestion to let us give custom names or tags for our payees - it turns out we already can but it was quite hard to find.

First you need to setup a payee with the proper name and bank details and then afterwards, go and edit the payee name from the main Payments page - really confusing!

I will suggest to allow us to give a custom/nickname to a payee while setting up the payee instead of having to do it afterwards.

And also to show the custom/nickname of the payee on our feed and elsewhere - currently it shows the payee’s bank account name in our feed and not the nickname or even bank account they have - even while looking at the transaction in detail.


If you go in to edit the contact after I’m sure you can change the name at that point to something more familiar.

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Yeah I managed to find that bit eventually - it would be best if a nickname was a part of first adding a payee that way people don’t have to go digging.

Also missing the nickname on the bank feed.


I don’t think you’ll be able to change what appears in the feed for a whole host of reasons, that’s always been the answer whenever similar things have been mentioned before.

I don’t think that’s accurate: if that were the case, we wouldn’t have merchant enrichment.

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It being wrong/tidied up is very different from changing Joe Bloggs to David Beckham.

I’m actually for this.

Keep the legal name on the bank statement. That’s what they do with merchant names. But my feed should be more human readable and relevant to what I’d like to see.

I wanna see Danny in my feed. Not MR D E SNUTS.

I’m pretty sure some of this stuff already sorta exists if you’re both on Monzo and/or Monzo has access to your contacts. The name on my feed matches the name of the person’s contact card associated with their phone number, rather than their name on Monzo I’ve noticed.