More than one device?

Im waiting for my card to arrive and want to know wether it’s possible to use monzo on two devices ? I have an iPhone and I’m considering getting a tablet too


As far as I am aware, it is 1 on an iOS device and 1 on an Android device. Not 2 on the same platform. I’m sure someone will come along to confirm it.


It definitely doesn’t allow 2 Android devices. I am not sure if it allows one of each though

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I used to use it on both Android and iPhone until I decided to get rid of my iPhone and buy another Android. So I can confirm it works on the two OS at the same time, but as you say, not on two Androids at the same time.


Does work on both as using on iphone and android.

Thanks guys

It’s setup on my iPhone ok.
However i am thinking of getting a Tablet as it has a bigger screen, does the tablet need to have a sim-card for it to work ?

The tablet will have to be an iPad. So you won’t be able to use an iPhone. AFAIK it should work without a SIM card.

This is because Apple allows all iOS apps to run on iPhones and iPads, but developers can restrict Android apps from running on tablets (I think).

I asked a member of staff via the App and they said Android will work but may have display issues because it’s designed for phones, is this the case ?

Fair enough. I’ve certainly read elsewhere on this forum that Android tablets aren’t supported.

If you do use the app on an iPad, there will be some display issues, because you’ll be using an iPhone app on a bigger screen.

The person who will know definitively is @simonb

[Edit] I found the post.

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