Use Google pay before receiving physical card

Hi everybody

I just open a new bank account at Manzo and will receive my first new card in a few days.

When I try to use Google pay, they are requested the card number, which I don’t have because the card is not activated yet.

Do you know how I could use Google pay before receiving the physical card?

Thanks in advance for your help


It used to be as simple as clicking the ‘add to Google Pay’ button in the app but it has been a long while since I’ve done this.

Is this the route you’ve taken or have you gone direct to Google and are trying to add it manually there?

I don t see any button “add to Google pay” in Manzo app. I had to go on Google pay app, but I am requested to give card number, which I don’t have for the moment…

The feature that Monzo promote about adding your card to Google Pay straight away is by using the Monzo app. You won’t be able to do it in Google for the reason you’ve mentioned.

It might be that Monzo haven’t produced your card and assigned you a number yet if you’ve just opened an account. I’d check back later to see if the button appears in app :slight_smile:

Yes, I will wait a little bit to see, thanks Ordog ! :blush:
It is a little bit weard, because they propose to me in the registration step to use google pay. I had skip because I needed to add some money on the count.

But now , it is impossible to find it again.

As anyone got this problem ?

No worries :slight_smile:

It has been a long time since I opened by account so my memory is a little vague and I haven’t seen anyone reporting similar on here either. If you really want to get up and running soon you’ll have to contact Monzo through in app chat and they’ll be able to help more than anyone on here can.

Where can I find this app chat ?

Bottom right hand corner of your app is a help button. At the bottom of this page should be a ‘chat with us’ button.

You can try this deep link, but not 100% sure it will work (and I don’t have Android to try it out).


The forum formats deep links so that they don’t work. Don’t you need to use a referrer (like your own site) to redirect people?


If you press the “Account” button underneath the picture of your card on the homepage, you’ll get a “Manage Your Account” page which has an “Add to Google Pay” button directly underneath the page title.

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Off topic: would be cool if we could use deep links here to point people to certain things easily :man_shrugging:

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That could be arranged, there’s a full list of deep-links in the app. But you need to initiate them from the device running the Monzo app and from a source that can pass through to the app.

I find copying the links to myself in a Slack channel (using desktop Slack) is the most effective. Then using (mobile) Slack on the same mobile device, tapping on a ‘monzo://…’ link opens up the app and goes straight to the deep-linked entity - or not!

There’s a few hosted here, don’t know how useful.

Edit: I think its @mts
Edit2: Yep

hmm virutal cards???

new feature coming soon maybe

Looks like that popped up in Jan.