US Election 24

I have no idea who else here has been watching the run-up to selection (Republican) but, I’m not sure we’ve ever seen an election with such an “interesting” set of candidates before.

And on the other side (Democrat) we’ve got someone who, while appearing to be mostly competent, is the only apparent option in town.

Who else is interested in things over the pond?


It’s going to be the most interesting run up to an election in our time, maybe even ever. You have Trump who could be in jail before the election (although i doubt it), who really is the only republican with a chance of winning. Then there is Sleepy Joe, the only Democrat candidate really, but the man is really too old for the job. Reading back over my post it’s really all about Trump, he makes it entertaining.

If Biden is too old, so is Trump. There’s only three years between them.

I haven’t followed any of the alternatives too closely yet, my usual sources have dried up.


I also ain’t read much about the other candidates yet, Trump is all you see. I ain’t a big fan of Trump or Biden for that matter but Trump is pure entertainment no matter what he says or does.

The USA needed Biden after Trump, Biden has done a lot of good to the US, repaired strained global relations etc.

I’m really not hugely invested in the election, so long as republicans don’t win.

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My US friends and family would largely disagree, and all are typically democrat voters. They’re still gonna vote democrat, but they’re not happy with Biden.


It really does feel like the last huzza for this generation of politicians. Even the most experienced candidates, like Nikki Haley & Chris Christie, feel out of touch with the social temperature over in the states. The sixth party system is fading, but there’s no clear seventh system rearing up. The pillars and points on which elections are fought have changed so much in the last decade!

The further the Reps fall to the right, the more boring the Dems have had to become. Nothing is a done deal yet, who knows what could happen with the RNC between now and next July, but what is certain is the next election in 2028 will be fought between more of the ‘next generation’. I’ve a feeling that may include a third-party that takes voted away from Reps, whether it be libertarian or MAGA. So I’d say that’s the one to watch, and for now just hope this period of transition is as stable as it can be! :grimacing:

Happy to discuss politics any day of the week! I keep up as one of my best friends (and his family) are entrenched Utah-Republicans and borderline MAGA…

Oh, and Vivek Ramaswamy terrifies me more than any Trump administration could.


This dude is perhaps the most scary of all the potential candidates. He’s so manufactured I’ll bet he goes to bed each night with a speech about how he’ll reduce US debt.

I’m with @N26throwaway in that there’s no real good choice democrat wise but since that’s, currently, the only option in town and the rest are a range of “interesting” alternatives whadya going to do.

Of all the other side only Nikki Hayley seems to talk sense. But even that is beyond a point where I’d want to see her in charge.

and you thought we had a challenge

It’s not just about age. Trump is in a much better shape than Biden, physically and mentally.


I have to agree. I have no issue with Biden’s age, but whenever I listen to him he doesn’t seem to speak very clearly, jumbled up and doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.

This isn’t about age, it’s about a clear communicator. The man is in charge of one of the most powerful countries in the world.


Here’s the important part. When you see the president, particularly of the US you essentially see the human embodiment of the country itself.

So if they’re weak so is the country. Challenging.

Thanks for giving me the biggest laugh I’ve had all night.


He did quite an interesting interview today on NBC Meet the Press, worth checking out! He’s much more palatable one-on-one, but his views on the USA’s place in the world are terrifying.

Also dumping here my crush on both Pete Buttigieg and George P Bush :eyes:


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I mean people do trip, so this isn’t something to be too concerned about. Personally even physical issues shouldn’t be a barrier to politics, but mentally and being able to communicate (regardless of the message) is fundamental.

Remember the US has had a president in a wheelchair. Being able to walk up steps isn’t the issue. The Democrats really need someone possibly able to connect with the country a little better than Biden. At the moment they are relying on anti-Trump sentiment rather than pro-Democrat values from what I’ve seen.


He has a speech impediment (stutter).

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Quite. Trump is a nasty piece of work, as are De Santis and Ramaswamy.

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He may well do (speeches when he was VP didn’t seem to show this) but it’s not just that, he often appears confused as well. But regardless, he isn’t communicating very well in too many instances.

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I’m glad I did but still curious how Trump isn’t in a better shape? Biden is incoherent, rambles and looks for dead people in the crowd; even if we disregard physical fitness.

Struggling to see how the two (physical/mental fitness and perceived personal qualities) are connected.

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I don’t think Trump is mentally fit, is what I was getting at.

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