US Election 2020

Things are heating up, so let’s discuss!

Bloomberg is out.

This has interesting ramifications on tech - a lot of people at various startups and bigger tech companies have left to join Hawkfish recently, which is the tech company Bloomberg founded to boost his run.

I hope they aren’t all out of a job and that they work on whoever becomes the nominee, which is looking more and more likely to be Joe Biden at this point.

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It’s simple. The Dems need to pick their candidate and every member of that party and their supporters has to publically back them 100%. Put all other thoughts aside for the upcoming election.

If they aren’t 100% focussed on removing Trump, and if there is any in-fighting, we get 4 more years of a white nationalist, lying… well you get the picture.


I would love love love bernie to get in.

Looks unlikely but would be great to see such a swing after 4 years of trump


If the democrat party wants to win that’s exactly what they have to do…

However, I think it’s getting clearer Bernie and Joe will split the vote, neither will back down or endorse the other and republicans and Trump will sail right through. It’s gonna be interesting to watch.

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Substitute ‘interesting’ for ‘horrifying’ and I agree.


Personally I don’t find Trump that horrible. There are certainly worse world leaders… cough Theresa.

Like anyone, he does and says thing I agree and disagree with.


cough Boris…

Not sure how anyone can view Trump as anything but horrible; he’s a sexist, racist, homophobic, self-centred man. He and his ilk have given rise to mistrust of the media, normalising of lying as a political tactic, for god sake he is building a WALL to keep Mexicans out of the USA? remember the last time a wall was built, yeah that was good times, but hey it’s ok cos I sort of agreed with some of the things that guy that preceded all that said so, sure, let’s see what happens.

Sorry, I don’t see how anyone in a position of power who seems to almost take glee from stirring up hatred and division is something that is not, by definition, horrible.

Anyway, muting this thread, or I’m gonna get really angry. You do you, but I cannot disagree with you more vehemently.


I’d like to see any government take on drug and human trafficking aggressively. Building a wall would certainly make it more difficult.

You should look into his tax reforms he did pretty early on in his presidency. They were quite generous, I believe most people got a tax reduction out of them.

Warren’s out.

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It’s simple, is Biden gets the nomination, Trump has another 4 years. If Sanders wins the nomination he will win the general election. All the polling says this. Biden will be the perfect candidate for Trump to beat and he’ll make light work of it.

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Not convinced by that argument - don’t forget any bad actors can easily pull the Corbyn playbook on Sanders. We all saw what happened there.


Ok then, look at all the US elections since 2000. Obama (Democratic outsider and more radical, far less typical establishment type, is the only Dem who has won the presidency. The establishment picks lost (and lost big in 2004 and 2016).

All the data shows Sanders is the only democrat potential nominee that beats Trump.


That is a shame, I really liked her and her policies. I don’t understand why she didn’t get much traction. Hoping Biden will tap her for VP.

This is just the start of the mauling Trump will give Biden if he wins the nomination - it will only get worse.



So here’s the thing.

Biden will certainly be nominated. Bernie absolutely has my vote during the primaries, but if I have to vote for Biden I will.

If Biden secures plurality of delegates Bernie will drop, however if it goes to a contested convention and thus a second ballet, the establishment will vote for Biden.

This will understandably upset a lot of Bernie people myself included. But I hope like hell that the Bernie or Bust folks understand the consequences of another four years of Trump.

Four years of Trump and a GOP senate will give the United States a super conservative Supreme Court. The lower courts are already being stacked.

The US would take a very long time to recover if we keep this awful person and party in control.

Biden is awful. He cannot finish a sentence for the life of him and that’s not a dig at his stutter. He’s gotten worse since he ran back in 2007. His ideology is far from the common folks thought process as well.

But he’s better than Trump.


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Adding to this…

It’s so transparent what the DNC is doing to Bernie. They did it in 2016 by allowing all the super delegates to vote for Hillary before the primaries began and they are doing it again with their coalescing and concentrated efforts to derail him this year.

How is it that Texas shut down 750 polling places? Or Georgia purging voter roles? This country has massive voter suppression problems in certain areas and it’s absolutely disgusting.

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No. Only insanely rich people got deductions. Regular people got screwed.
For example, teachers can no longer write off the money they spend on school supplies. It was already a very small amount that this deduction was limited to. Teachers are horribly underpaid and schools are grossly underfunded. Teachers inevitably spend a lot of their own money on supplies for their students and classrooms.
Thanks to Trump’s “tax cut” , teachers no longer get thus very tiny write off.

On the other hand, owners of private jets can now deduct the cost of jet maintenance. :angry:

If you own your own jet, you’re not hurting for money. And now, thanks to trump, you can pay less taxes.

These are the “tax cuts” trump gave us.


Deductions is not the same thing as the base rate of tax, which was cut. Now Americans take home more money than they did under Obama.

It would be like income tax was cut here in the UK.

Sanders seems like the obvious choice. Biden seems ok. Trump is an embarrassment.

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