Local Elections

Am I missing something or are the local elections usually all over the news ? Today I’ve not seen anything on the TV regarding encouraging people to go out and vote.

I wouldn’t have known there was an election until someone mentioned it on facebook… No leaflets, no campaigns.

Just voted :slight_smile:


I’m gonna pass this year.

Don’t vote. Don’t complain. Yada yada.

It’s the same old rubbish.

There’s only local elections, and only in some places. Last year, there were way more local elections (because loads were delayed from 2020 too), and the city mayoral elections were mostly last year too

That being said, I did vote in my London borough election

A Conservative politician by any other name is still a Conservative.

News media is probably not going heavy on election news because they’re largely pro-Conservative, and indications are tactical voters may see seats lost.

General public are probably exhausted by politics. I wish Labour did more to push back against the “they’re all the same line” because they’re not all the same - see Americans who said HRC was as bad as Trump anyway, and now they’ve lost their right to safe and legal abortion (gay marriage and mixed marriages will be going next).


They don’t really mention anything on the day of elections as its against the rules. They can only do the usual “turn out was brisk” reports


“A Conservative by any other name is still a t***.”

a disappointing generalisation showing unintelligent bigotry dont you think ? I expected more from you


This is a very privileged position to be in. The current government, and local enactments of their overarching aims, are harming an awful lot of people. If it doesn’t affect you you’re really lucky.


I wouldn’t say privilege, just very little care for it.

It’s all controlled by those in Downing Street either way, and until someone is in who wants to do good to the people not the rich, I’m out.

Cost of living crisis could have been swerved by miles but they chose not too. No faith in them so here we are.

Each to their own though.

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Unless you live in a marginal constituency there’s little point… plus it’s local elections anyway and local councils have zero power to change anything.

It’s a completely broken system… I tried to vote every year for ages but time and time again realized I might as well have set fire to the voting card for all the good it did.

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To be clear, perhaps I wasn’t especially in my first post: the context here is specifically Conservative (big C) politicians. It’s not meant to be aimed at voters (big or small C).

If politicians don’t want to be associated with the Conservative party, they should leave it, not try and disguise themselves.


We had Northern Ireland assembly elections today. Turn out at 7.30am was brisk

12 candidates on the polling card and we have STV system. Trying to order my preferences at that time in the morning was hard, I did 5 which is more than my previous personal best of 3

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You should be aiming for 13 or 14 at a minimum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll try that next election :grin:


Though I get your sentiment, and myself have and likely never will vote Conservative, I don’t find this kind of rhetoric kind, particularly on a public forum where all kinds of people (and voters!) exist.

The fact is that under our current electoral system (flawed as I believe it is), a large enough chunk of our country vote Conservative. I don’t believe we are a country made up inherently of “t***’s”.

Conservatives are a mainstream, legitimate party. Lord knows I could and would argue against so, so many of their policies, but let’s try and be civil about it all.

Sorry, rant over.

Edit: seen your clarifying post. Though I still don’t think all Conservative politicians are “the t word” I do think still it’s something someone voting Conservative on here (and there must be some!) might see as unwelcoming or attacking at them.


I live in a safe blue seat but every election the non-voters outnumber the votes the blue guy gets.

So if everyone took 5 mins to vote we could make real change.

Local level politics include support for homeless shelters and food banks.


I take your point. Which is why, although I’m not going to remove my original post (it would be dishonest to do so), I will make an assurance that I won’t keep going on about that point in this thread. I’ve said my piece in those two posts, that’s it.


Found this for you. Written in 1970s America.

Has it ever dawned on the editors that the attitudes of the 70 million projected non-voters may be very consistent with the reality that the concept of voting and electing representatives is basically dishonest and fraudulent. If voting could change anything it would be made illegal! There is no way any politicians can legally represent anyone because he was elected on a secret ballot by a small percentage of voters. He then claims to represent the people who voted against him and even those who wisely chose not to participate in such criminal activity.


Yes, not all Conservative voters are t***s.

You’d have to be a t*** to vote for the current lot though.

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