Verification way beyond 48 hours

(Rob Jeffrey) #1

So I’ve unfortunately fallen at the first hurdle of joining the Monzo way of life :frowning:

I started my verification on June 22nd (approx 285 hours). I have since contacted support twice via email. I’ve been told that there is nothing to worry about and that my account will be verified soon.

I understand that backlogs are a thing, but I’d just like some more info as to what is causing the delay. Is there an increase in demand? Is my verification video not suitable? Are the photos of my ID not valid?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can’t wait to get started!


(Leon) #2

I’m sure it’s probably just a backlog, as if if was any thing else you would of quickly been notified. If you want to have a chat with the staff from Monzo you can get it touch via

(Simmy) #3

As Above, or try calling customer services ?

(Leon) #4

That will work as well! Their number is 0800 8021 281 or 020 3872 0620


Just DMed you so we can have a look at what’s going on

(Leon) #6

That’s great Beth. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.

(Rob Jeffrey) #7

Thanks for all the help. I contacts customer services, spoke to an actual person who was very helpful and only an hour later my card is on its way. This is how banking should be!

(Alistair ) #8

I joined over the weekend and card arrived today, not sure what’s taking so long for you