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Trying to cancel my card as it was stolen last night along with my phone. I’m in Finland and I can’t get through using the number, also tried contacting mono on Facebook and Twitter but still not heard anything. Please can someone help me out ASAP? ? The account is active with money on it.
Thanks, Elena Rous-Eyre

(Bob) #2

I’ve notified in-app chat to let them know about your post. Try also emailing: help@monzo.com

Best of luck :+1:

(Adam Williams) #3

Oh wow, I know it’s Sunday but the phone not being available is really not ideal, I thought there was a process for these being answered by COps with priority :confused:

Edit: Bad assumption on my part as to what was happening, see below regarding international dialing.

If you’ve got a computer and are really desperate, you can probably run the app in the Android emulator and freeze the card (I think logging in only requires email access). This would be a pretty involved process, though - and isn’t a reasonable expectation for anyone not especially technical to perform.

I think this highlights the need for a simple web interface for doing urgent things like checking balance, freezing the card etc.

(James Allison) #4

Hey, I’m really sorry you haven’t been able to get through to us :frowning: I’m going to look for your tweet now and get your card cancelled!


I doubt it is them not answering the phone, it is probably one of two things. Firstly they have a domestic non-geographic code that can not be called from some countries as has been discussed before in this forum, secondly Finland has bizzare international dialling.

Finland does not use the 00 code used in the EU but has codes commencing 99 and you chose one depending what company and tarriff you want to route your call over!

99511 - Helistamine OU
99532 – Elisa Oyj
99533 – DNA Oyj
99541 – DNA Oyj
99555 – DNA Oyj
99559 – Elisa Oyj
99566 - Datalahti Oy
99577 – DNA Oyj
99588 – Globetel Oy
99590 – Telia Finland Oyj
99599 – Nettia Oy
…but there are dozens more! How any tourist copes I don’t know!?

(Adam Williams) #6

Oh god, that does sound needlessly complex…

(James Allison) #7

This is indeed quite complicated! In the future, we’ll accumulate local numbers for all countries so we’re always available, wherever you are in the world :slight_smile:

(Bob) #8

See quote below for a geographic number which should work internationally:


Thanks Bob, I was looking that up too…

try 99 0 44 20 3322 4650 from Finland

(Bob) #10

I think it would be useful to receive an automated email with the international emergency phone number and email address whenever Monzo detects that a user has arrived in a new country. Handy if both your card and phone get stolen and wouldn’t take much to implement.


I know I’m not helping Elena here, but this has convinced me to buy a £30 android phone from the supermarket to use as a back up when I next go abroad.


I got a cheap Alcatel mobile phone (not smartphone) for emergencies abroad, like calling banks to cancel cards. Phone was unlocked so would take a UK sim or local PAYG. Only €19,00 including €3 credit :slight_smile: May never use it but great for backup.


Yep, I reckon I have a phone in a drawer somewhere that would do that. The Alcatel Pixi (at £30) though, is a smartphone, so maybe worth considering for those who would like a backup phone with yer actual Monzo app and similar vital stuff.

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