URGENT: Appalled by Monzo Customer Service And need help

I have been a Monzo customer since the Beta and I am absolutely appalled by the level of customer service I am currently receiving from Monzo in comparison to my legacy bank. The Customer service experience has certainly gone down hill over the years.

My Request

At the Beginning of May I requested two simple things from Monzo:

  1. A letter confirming I hold an account with Monzo and that the attached statements are authentic copies
  2. Individual monthly statements that cover the last six months that are stamped with the official bank stamp.

The response

Round 1:

Chat seemed to go well and was told I would receive the documents soon.
Documents came, the letter was not stamped and the statements were not individual months but one single statement. Statements were not stamped either.

Fair enough, a small mistake.

Round 2
Chat seemed to go okay, explained the error, was assured I would receive the correct documents.

Couple of days later documents came through the post. Letter was correct and stamped. Statements received were individual monthly statements but only stamped on one side of double sided.

Bit annoyed now as time is going and I need these documents by the end of May.

Round 3
Explained, yet again the exact same information. Was told they would get this sorted. Was then followed up in chat to say that the stamping has been outsourced and they can only stamp one side of the page. So I requested that they print the documents on single sided so it is stamped on each page. Advisor mentioned they would try their best but could not guarantee this.

Just to explain I need each page stamped as I’m going to scan these documents and it requires that the stamp is on each page.

Documents arrived. Still stamped on one side.

Round 4
Messaged in the morning on Friday. Passed around various advisors during the day. Finally advised this morning that they’ll be sending them out but not stamped on both sides. What’s the point? I still urgently need this for a Visa application. How has it taken a month and I still don’t have what I need.


The way this has been dealt with is just appalling. Each time I get through to chat I need to wait hours to get a response. That’s fine in the first instance Especially given Covid but if its hours between each response its not okay. I’m also passed between multiple advisors, having to re explain my issue each time.

There is no way I can call and speak to someone, there is no general option in the call menu. When you select statements you are provided with a link in the app and then hung up on. Aside from a formal complaint I’ve logged which takes weeks to come back on there seems to be no way to immediate escalate an urgent issue. If I have this sort of issue with a legacy bank I can simply speak to a supervisor.

Why for the forth time am I being provided with something I am not requesting. With no thought process of “is there another way we can help this customer?”

This forum is my last hope in hoping that someone more senior sees what I’ve endured for the last month and perhaps is able to offer a suitable solution.

PLEASE PLEASE any help at this stage would be helpful. It should not take a bank a Month to fulfil this sort of a simple request.


Nobody here can help you directly.

Have you tried emailing help@monzo.co.uk?


I’m baffled that you want Monzo to print off statements, stamp and certify them, only for you to scan them in! What a crazy requirement.


That’s what I thought. It’s a process that cries out for image manipulation. But I don’t see why Monzo can’t provide what the OP needs.


I’ve re-read the OP. The stamping is outsourced, and can only be done on one side (why?). Monzo seem unable to print single-sided (have they considered changing the printer settings?).

I agree that Monzo are dropping the ball here as it’s not a huge thing to ask. At least they’re not charging the OP for the privilege, I guess.


You and me both! Something that UK Visa and Immigration requires so just doing what I’m asked to do!


To be honest at this point just log a complaint , at least it gets to someone competent people eventually.

Try ask them to request bank statements for part of the month at a time if that’s possible, so look at your print outs and work out how many transactions fit ok on a page.

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Have you tried submitting what you have to see if they’re accepted? Surely stamped on one side is enough. :confused:

I’ve had requests like this from places and if you talk to them sometimes they’ll make a compromise or explain that they’ve relaxed the requirements slightly but not got round to updating their website etc.

The visa costs around £2K so hesitant to do anything that isn’t per the requirements. Not to mention Monzo did this for the previous visa 6 months ago so they’d probably question why this has changed


Sadly then, the only way forward is probably in app chat.

Just try to be as clear as possible (no doubt you have already, as your orignal post was very clear to me)

You would hope so, but my experience with the Home Office is that if you do not give them exactly what they ask for, they’ll bounce the application.


So you had no problem 6 months ago in getting them stamped on both sides? Are they outsourcing the printing because of Covid? The office is empty, so I guess it makes sense that they are sending their printing elsewhere? Being mostly digital, Monzo only sends letters if specifically requested (as you are) or if they are legally required (e.g. if someone has defaulted on their loan of for ombudsman type stuff). It may be that the outsourcing of printing is a new and/or temporary arrangement hence the inflexibility?

As it is now 1st June, is your visa application now late?

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No It allows you to submit the visa without the documents so you can meet the deadline but then gives you a short period to submit the associated documents and that timer is already running.

Not clear from the correspondence. Really wonder if anyone in Monzo reads this stuff on the Forums? Any ideas of good individuals to tag to this post?

It’s been outsourced for a while afaik so it’s not Covid related

Worst part about all of this is it’s not an isolated incident for us. Wife requested a proof of account letter. They sent a letter saying she’s got an account but the first transaction is yet to be made. She’s had the account for six months and made transactions. Imagine if a third party was requesting that info, for example to verify statements are genuine and Monzo provided that?

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I hate to say it because we have shares and stock options but I really think Monzo lets itself down when it comes to this sort of “grown up” banking. It feels like those that use it as their only/main account get penalised when trying to navigate complex processes like visa applications or house sales.


No one. Monzo don’t handle specific customer account queries via this forum.

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I remember having to do this for my mortgage application, and Halifax originally rejected the original stamped documents I provided from my main bank at the time (NatWest), as they could only stamp a transaction list rather than a statement (or something absurd like that). I remember thinking what a stupid process the whole thing was given how electronic signatures etc have existed for years. Even though NatWest weren’t great, they did get there eventually. Not sure I’d want to risk this sort of stuff with Monzo.

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