URGENT: Appalled by Monzo Customer Service And need help

They’ve been using the live chat in the app, would probably be faster than using the email support.

They’ve had more enough chances. Hopefully if you raise a formal complaint you will be compensated and they will review their processes to stop this from happening again.


This is incredibly disappointing and as someone who will have to do this in the future for a partnership visa application, I can’t take the risk that I will run into this, I’m now going to have to consider making Monzo a secondary account that comes in handy for things and build up a history with a legacy bank ready for visa documentation. Visa fees are so expensive it’s not worth the risk to just hope this will get better.


I don’t have any suggestion for the OP unfortunately.

But for my own interest - if you have multiple bank accounts which statements would you need to provide in this situation? Would it be statements from all your bank accounts or just from one? If the latter, what determines which one?

For me the following activity is spread across 3 different banks:
a) receiving my salary
b) my monthly household bills expenditure (via direct debits)
c) other incoming and outgoing transactions

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Not to take this off topic (I hope) as an American with with recent citizenship I’ve had to do indefinite leave to remain recently and various student and post study work visa’s over the years… All I ever had to do was print the statements. They never asked for them to be stamped.

I mention as the home office are very helpful if you ring them and explain things 1st


There’s lots of online guides that make it sound absolutely critical every document is original and stamped and all that and when you’re stressed about it all, you just don’t want to take any risks.

Fortunately for me Monzo were quite good and printed and stamped what we needed (though it was one statement of 6 months rather than individual ones), Bulb in the other hand never responded and we just had to use what we could download from the website. It all went through smoothly in the end so you do end up wondering if those guides are over the top.

This sounds like sensible (and reassuring) advice.


Unfortunately as this is a spouse visa a lot of the emphasis is placed on the financial requirement and the sponsor being able to demonstrate that. Hence the extra due diligence and requirements outlined for such a visa. I think they’re a lot more relaxed on the others.


Sorry guys not sure how to quote in here. When I hit reply it doesn’t include the quote. @phteven79 not sure what type of visa you’ll be applying for and or what the status of your employment is but for me as I’ve been with my employer for longer than six months you need to provide payslips a letter from the employer confirming they’re authentic and various other info as well as bank statements for the same period that show it being paid into your bank account. So to make things easier if you chose to change banks check the requirements first as you may be setting yourself up for more work if you have to get the docs from two separate banks

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions guys. As a bit of an update Yesterday I was essentially told that they’d come back to me by end of day to confirm if they can print on single sided. I didn’t get a response so followed up this morning and was advised that it can not be done. It’s very disappointing and a bit worrying that they can’t fulfil such a request as stamping documents is required for various “grown up activities”.

For the first time today I’ve been consistently speaking with the same person over a period of hours as opposed to being passed between advisors and I can say it has made a huge difference! In conclusion they’ve offered to provide me with a stamped letter that confirms their limitation which I can attach to my application. I just wish the route to this was much easier.

Overall still really disappointed It’s taking over a month to get here but just a case of waiting to see if this letter arrives in the post now. Hope there aren’t any other elements Monzo is planning on outsourcing that’s going to reduce the customer experience


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I know they said it was outsourced, but I can’t picture what the process is that means it can be printed and stamped only on one side

A. Why can’t they be printed single-sided
B. Why can’t they just stamp both sides


As quick get-around, couldn’t Monzo not even generate the statement pdf, insert black pages between the pages then when the printer received it, the double side would become single sided upon print? I’ve have done that a few times when a new work printer was locked on double sided and I needed it single.


Welcome to the world of applying for visas. I will say applying for an Indian visa was exactly like this except I also had to get a letter from my employer confirming my annual salary and how long I had worked there! For a tourist visa, no less.

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I agree, I could see why outsourcing might be an explanation for it being done incorrectly the first time (miscommunication, or outsourced company still learning the ropes). But surely they can just ask the outsourcers to stamp both sides. If it’s done by machine, can they not feed it in twice both ways? And if that’s not possible surely they must have a way to just stamp it by hand on this occasion until a better long term solution is implemented?


Would presume that there are two machines involved here. And that while the printing machine can manage duplex, the stamping machine can’t.

There would appear to be two possible solutions:

  1. Work out which statement pages are unstamped and request statements for those specific periods.
  2. Insert alternate blank pages into the statement, to effect simplex printing.

Option 1 shifts the burden to the user, option 2 would be Monzo taking on the burden.

Roadblocks for 1 - is asking a lot of the user, not a good experience. Roadblocks for 2 - may be prohibitive if Monzo are charged for the blank pages anyway.

I mean, this is just ridiculous. If the outsourcers can’t do it, do a one off in the office. It’s not hard.


I’m not defending the overall issue (Monzo should have a way of producing what’s required here), but it’s probably not as simple as that. I imagine there are strict procedures on who can print statements, where, and how they’re handled. You would want to minimise the people who can see all that personal information.

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2 may be prohibitive as a long term solution if a lot of people require this (it sounds like they don’t, based on the handling of the situation and others comments here). Though it would be ridiculous in that case for Monzo to be using an outsourcer who cannot meet their needs.

But as a one off, right now, to allow this customer to GET A VISA which is incredibly important, surely it can’t cost more than a few pence?! I also don’t see why the customer has to figure out what pages need printing with 1, surely Monzo generates the statements to send to the printer. Maybe if security protections mean there is literally no way for anyone at Monzo to view them but that seems unlikely. And a third option could be to just stamp by hand or feed through twice in both directions depending on the machine. If they don’t have a hand stamp by now they’ve had AMPLE time to order one surely?

Especially considering they have already sent out duplicate copies of the same thing and said they were going to again, even knowing it’s a duplicate and that it’s of no additional use to the customer.


I something think the more that systems get complicated and difficult to change, the more you know they’re broken.

If that’s the case here then the balance is off and something’s gone horribly wrong.