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Took a lodger in, mature student from Bradford Uni, informed my insurers, and this is their response :man_shrugging:

Anybody got any recommendations?

Do a comparison for one that includes lodgers and pick one with a good rating. You’ll get horror stories about all insurers. Hopefully you’ll never need it.

Urban Jungle should work for you, I believe. Quite cheap too.

They’ll insure you if you have others living with you, and you’ll even get a choice to include or exclude them on your policy.

Lemonade might be worth a look too. Very interesting insurtech, big and loved America, new to the U.K.

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Had a quick look at Lemonade to see if I could recommend it but couldn’t find a straightforward answer about lodgers. I’d second them if they do provide insurance though.

If it’s just contents insurance, can the lodger insure their contents separately?

I thought it was Urban Jungle that I used after a recommendation from here a while back. Maybe Paymentshield were just the money collectors? Something to look at anyway.

Probably. It’s just having told Paymentshield about my change of circumstances they just cancel. Need to dig around re Urban Jungle & others. Something to keep me occupied. :man_shrugging:

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I’m not sure. I’m not aware of any association between them, but Paymentshield seem to sell their own insurance products.

Just putting a dummy quote through Lemonade and they do let you proceed if you have others living at your home. I selected Housemates on the form.

Would need to know their exact definition to be sure, but I would normally expect that to include lodgers.

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Urban Jungle seem reasonable but I’ll check Lemonade too.

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Just found my old Urban Jungle sign on still works:

And there’s the link to PaymentShield.

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Ah! Did they used to just be a reseller?

They sell their own policies now.

Interesting. I’m trying to find out from my documents when/were I was insured for as I moved from Norwich to Bradford 18 months ago. In my current documents they list Household as ‘Your family and domestic staff’ - don’t think a student from Sri Lanka fits either of those categories. :joy:

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Ask him to make a Kukul Mas curry once a week :slightly_smiling_face:

Continuing down the Urban Jungle rabbit hole:

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Lemonade is very expensive compared to Urban Jungle as you get cover for Personal Liability of £1M and it can’t be removed.

Guess I’ll stick with UJ for now…


Gone all the way thru to setting up DD and its just disappeared. Might be my iOS beta version or my Monzo TestFlight. Time to contact UJ support.

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Retry worked 3rd time, always the way. So I’m covered, thanks for all your help. Monzo Forum FTW!