Upgrading from Samsung Galaxy S20 to S22 (camera)

Does anyone have experience of upgrading from an S20 to S22? The main appeal for me is the camera quality. I’m not sure if I can justify a new two-year phone contract when the S20 performs well enough, so I was wondering if anyone has seen a significant improvement in the camera from these two models?

My partner did this exact upgrade and the camera looked worse than the S20.

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Oof, thanks for sharing - good to know. Will likely wait for the next model to come out before upgrading

i had nothing but problems with the s21 ultra worst phone i have ever had after upgrading to android 12 it would not update apps , changed it to an oppo find x3 pro and have had no issue upgrading apps

I haven’t tried the S21 series, nor the Ultra (I have always had the standard version of the Galaxy), but what problems were you experiencing with it? Just the issue with not being able to update apps (which sounds like a Google Play Store issue rather than the phone itself)?

I haven’t heard of the Oppo - just searched it and looks interesting - thanks for mentioning it. Time for me to do some more research!

I have the S21 Ultra and love it - no issues here. Camera is great but I upgraded from an S8+ so it’s a huge difference :laughing:

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if you have a look on the samsung members app lots of complaints about the 21 and 22 ultra losts of people experience the app issue as for the oppo yeah i hadnt heard about them either but for the price im impressed they have a new one the x5 and hearing good things about that also

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I find it very strange how they really released the S22 Ultra with a camera this bad

Some upgrades aren’t worth it! I upgraded from the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the 13 Pro Max and the telephoto camera is worse, not better

The pro max 12 camera is amazing.

I disagree, all of the cameras are extremely better than the 12 Pro Max the macro is amazing and the telephoto too

I just think the image is softer from the 3x telephoto, than it was from the 2.5x on the 12 pro max

IMHO, I only use the tele when I need the range and I’m already explicitly sacrificing image quality, so the trade off is worth it for the extra focal length over the 2.5x.