Huawei Poor Camera

Upgraded from an iphone SE to a Huwei Y7 2018 a few months back and really happy with it.
However the iphoneSE camera blows the Huawei right out of the water. The depth of field is poor and its difficult to stay still enough to get good shots.
I’m hardly a photographer but Im still let down by it

What are your experiences with Huawei cameras ?

Hi Venom,

I have the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and it has to be the best camera I have ever used on a phone.

I found it so good on a recent holiday that I ditched my stand alone camera in favour of it


I’d recommend side-loading the APK for Google’s own camera app.

Yeah a family member has a Huawei Honor 8X pro ( if thats correct ) and the camera is outstanding.
Don’t know why mines so poor though

The Y7 phone is budget range that’s probably why.

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