Upgraded Joint Account

I think it would be great to have a look at adding some features to those of us who want to use Monzo for all of our banking needs.

Me and my Fiancé both have monzo premium as we enjoy the features and of course the metal card, however it’s a shame that as of right now, our joint account will go back to the original coral design for the virtual card. There should be some way of analysing the personal accounts of both parties and matching the joint account design if both are on ‘upgraded plans’

i.e if both parties have plus, the joint should be the blue holographic, if both use premium, it should match and be the white card. This could also drive migration to ‘upgraded plans’ as the feature could only be available if both parties have the same ‘upgraded plan’

Eg scenario 1

Person A= Plus
Person B= Standard
Outcome = Standard Coral card

Scenario 2
Person A= Premium
Person B= Premium
Outcome= Premium Card design for Joint

I know it’s a little first world problem(y) but where else would I post my thoughts :wink:

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There’s a storied history of Monzo not doing joint account parity, sadly.

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