Cards different colour!

I have two monzo cards, one is mine and the other one is a joint account. More often than not I keep using the joint account where I should be using only mine or vice-versa. The reason is because they are both exactly the same, same colour and same shape.

I wonder if you could consider to change the joint account card colour so that this doesn’t keep happening ( im not the only one) you could use beige, blue navy instead, any colour from the Monzo logo, but a different one. Thanks.

Hi Tania, welcome to the forum :wave:

Out of interest, would you pay £3 per month for this? :smiley:

If you search for Monzo Plus, you might find some things you are looking for.

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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You could always pay £3 per month for a different coloured card for your personal account…!

Your joint account card should say JOINT ACCOUNT in the top left of the card. If it doesn’t (my first card for my joint account did not) you can contact support and get a new card send with the Joint Account text.

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