Upgrade to Current Account

(Dan Warriner) #21

Call me old fashioned but I’m not a huge fan of the ‘OMG OMG OMG’. It sounds a little informal even for :monzo: :joy:

Maybe something like ‘We’ve got something to show you! Your shiny new Monzo current account is ready!’?


(Dan Warriner) #23

I did see that. :slightly_smiling_face: Just putting in my two pennies worth.


Will we still be able to opt-out of transferring our feed items across?

Since joining the CA preview, I’ve shuffled a little money between the prepaid and CA so I can still use contact transfers. It would be a messy feed if I’m unable to opt-out…

(James Smith) #25

Will this include a seemless move from one of the mainstream banks where several direct debits / standing orders are set up? Or would us users require to set up the direct debits ourselves?

(MikeF) #26

They’ve already said that signing on with the Current Account Switching Service is part of the plan for the full release current account.

(Marta) #27

I’m also not a fan of ‘OMG’, especially tripled. I had negative remarks from 3 people I spoke with in the past, after explaining the acronym they found it a bit ‘meh’. Coming from a bank might trigger bigger ‘meh’.

Seeing how ‘but I just want prepaid’ trend on community had been shaping, I hope that ‘Why should I want one?’ really has it well explained. :wink:


Yeah I’ll frame it or something. Mine still just about says Alpha!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #29

There should be a Monzo-seum (Mon(d)zo-Museum) with all the iterations of cards! :smiley::classical_building:


Monzeum :classical_building:

(Eddie Stubbington) #31

Does that mean all transaction history will merge?


The Current Account Switching Service (CASS) is on the roadmap, and it’s on the same timeframe as the full launch. However I’m sure it was mentioned somewhere it wasn’t going to be there at the very start. Of course this could all change.

(Patrick) #33

I concur. Have already voiced elsewhere on this forum but I’d love if histories remained separate so reiterating here.

(MikeF) #34

I struggle to see how they could do that with one app. Obviously there could be multi-account support introduced but that isn’t on any roadmap I’ve seen.

I personally don’t care too much about the prepaid card history so I wouldn’t worry too much if it went completely.

(Alex Sherwood) #35

In case anyone’s missed this, the discussion about the transfer of the prepaid transaction histories has been had here -

plenty of users have shared the fact that they are / aren’t in favour of having their prepaid history transferred to the current account so it’s hard to see how more posts about this now, will make the team more likely to answer the question.

(Jake Tame) #36

Can we open an account within the prepaid app via the process above but also perform a CASS?

(Max Walker) #37

Don’t know how its gonna be with Monzo but with other banks the switching happens in the following order:

a) Open new account
b) Apply for switch with new bank
c) Switch happens

So I’d guess that you’d be fine to do that


Was quite happy to switch all the stuff myself when moving everything over to the preview CA… at least I knew it was all done and I had time to work on the companies that didn’t accept the Monzo sort code.

16 Direct Debits, 5 Standing Orders, 2 Direct Credits, 3 Recurring card payments switched in about 2 hours.

What’s the expected behaviour with CASS if the company doesn’t accept the new sort code? How do they notify you that it has failed?


I did wonder this myself. I wonder if there has to be more then a set percentage acceptance before you can join the scheme, and that’s why it’s currently not supported.

Just my best guess.

(Max Walker) #40

It’s an interesting one, I’d hope by the time we get to full CASS integration that everybody has monzo in their system. Interestingly when you switch they also ask for your old account card number, I’m not sure if this is just for security or its technical as well. Maybe a monzonaut with knowledge of the scheme will clarify

Update: Just been checking out my other bank, there seems to be some CASS guarantee operated by the scheme