Monzo Plus payment date


I really want Monzo Plus but like many people out there, all my bills come out the 1st of every month.

To my question, if I upgrade to Monzo Plus today, will the payment of £5 come out the 17th of every month or once upgraded can I change this?

Major OCD!

Many Thanks!

I believe someone on the main thread said that it couldn’t be changed. I guess you’ll have to either wait a few weeks, or move £5 to a pot on the 1st of every month.

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Brilliant, thank you for your reply!

15 days to wait!

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That’s correct :+1:t3:

I setup a pot for my subscription. £5 goes in when I get paid and £5 comes out the day before my Plus payment gets taken :slight_smile:

Yeah someone else asked this. You’d have to set it up on the day you want the payment to be taken (after 1am or it’ll be attributed to the previous day)

Thank you everyone!

I’m not up to speed on the order of transactions in Monzo. Can it be scheduled to withdraw from the Pot on the day of the fee, or does it have to be the day before? Thanks

I wasn’t entirely sure either so did this to be safe. I think the answer is no but hopefully someone can clarify. :pray:

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