Updated Contactless Limit 💳

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Today, along with other banks, we’ll be changing your contactless transaction limit from £45 to £100. With this change, we’ll now ask you to enter your PIN after spending a cumulative £200 through contactless.

We’ve written a blog with a little bit more detail on these changes over here: https://bit.ly/3mPjgRi


Is it technically possible/within legislation to reset the limit through the app?

Quite often I’ll get the “Next time, you’ll need to enter your card and your pin” reminder, which is great if I then use my card again 5 mins later, I’ll remember. But if it’s much later, days or whatever, then it makes the process much slower as it fails and I have to enter the card.

If I could get that notification, go into the app, verify and reset the limit, that would be great.


I remember this exact conversation on Monzo when R did this reset via app.

I’ll try and find the thread.



Would it ever be possible for the user to change this limit within the manage card page? I think it would be nice to be able to manually change my limit, back to £30 for example, especially to prevent unauthorised purchases.


@Revels Also this post which has two further posts. You could tell I was pissed off at the SCA rules.


Good work! I knew it had been mentioned before and I had a feeling it was Revolut that did it.

I thought this would be a good place to bring it back up

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Yeah it was one of those things that really irked me, and I posted at the time its as useful as pop up cookie notices on websites. Looks like they might take that back and undo that madness. :crossed_fingers:

It all stems from the EBA (european banking authority) having a meeting and the FCA didn’t do their job in pushing back how it would affect the UK with their terminals vs Europe.

Contactless Fraud was already negligible compared to other financial fraud before all this. :man_facepalming:

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I just raised this on Twitter - personally I don’t use my card, I’ll use Apple Pay but £200 is a lot of money for some people to lose and have to wait to get back once it’s been reported as stolen…

Don’t really see the point in increasing it to £100 contactless when you can use Google or Apple Pay instead, just creates more issues :man_shrugging:


There was a MSE article on this about being able to set your own limit in the app.


Cough Starling Cough cough


I remember when the limit was increased (I think it was the cumulative one) during the pandemic, a Monzo staff member said it increased fraud. I’m sure that “set yourself a limit” feature will appear for Monzo and all other banks.


I can’t even remember the last time I used my actual card as opposed to my phone/watch to pay for something, so my thoughts are def caveated in that this doesn’t affect me at all.

Whilst I’m in favour of/sympathetic to general convenience, it seems odd to me that the FCA keep increasing the contactless limit as opposed to investing in/pushing people towards more secure methods like apple/google pay or even cards with fingerprint sensors (which I feel I’ve been reading about for forever).

And on the subject of ditching my card if I’m not getting too off topic… would be nice if the UK finally got some contactless ATMs.


Given there’s still no granular control over been able to control your card, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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Yeah I think I’m adding myself to the list of people who would like to be able to disable contactless completely via the app.

Google Pay covers me completely now for contactless payments. I know if someone spends on your card you’ll usually get the money back, but I really could do without the extra life-admin if it were to happen.


This isn’t something you can do at the moment, but thanks for sharing your feedback.

Remember that when you use contactless, we ask you to insert your card and enter your PIN after you spend £200 in total through contactless. This lets us regularly check you still have your debit card and you’re in control of your account.

This is a really important way we (and all banks) keep you safe when using contactless.

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But it would be safer if we had an option to disable contactless period. There is no need for it for many people.

On a related point - are you able to share the percentage of transactions which are biometric vs contactless vs chip and pin?


Without it affecting mobile wallets! Too many banks couple contactless and mobile wallets under a single toggle and slider! Starling Bank are the only bank in this country that gets this stuff right it seems. Baffling. Monzo should be getting this stuff right too, being nimbler and all, but even Lloyds are ahead of them here too.


Monzo aren’t nimble though, they should be nimble but aren’t anymore. That ship sailed long ago, the separation between fintechs and legacy innovation is at a standstill again.

Monzo is weak Vs Starling but that’s not new either.

Fixed? It’s mostly the banks interest not ours. It’s an inconvenience to us but an expense to a bank fitting the bill.


All sounds good. Personally I don’t need a customisable limit.

If my card gets stolen and someone spends £200 (the maximum) via contactless and it leaves me short until next payday then I’ll simply use my credit card or my emergency savings pot funds until Monzo give me the money back.


£200 being the worst case scenario of having just used chip+pin before to reset to £0 combined with also ignoring the notifications coming through and not freezing the card.

I’d love it if someone can get recent stats on contactless fraud.

When looking back in 2019 it was negligible compared to non-contactless related card fraud.

Most people finding debit cards lying about don’t go I’ll try my luck.

So it’s the people intentionally going out to nick wallets and see how much they can use before it’s noticed or hits the limit.

Have we seen more people take up a life of crime because the contactless limit has increased?