Contactless Limit

How can i increase contactless limit its showing 100 and its over

You cannot increase it. This is set by Monzo, not by the user.


so we cant use more than 100 pound a month through contactless that what you mean

Edit: I stand corrected :smiley:

It is up to £100 per transaction.

After an unspecified amount of contactless transactions, it may ask for a chip and pin confirmation. Then contactless works again.


You can reset the limit by using your card as chip and pin. It won’t reset each month.

Using your card on Apple or Google pay is a way to avoid payment limits


You’ll get a notification saying “please use chip and pin” when you hit the limit. Then it resets

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Isn’t the limit £45 for a transaction?

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I thought so. I didn’t think the £100 had been agreed yet.

An alternative is to use Google or Apple Pay. The contactless limit is much much higher and I personally haven’t hit it yet so not sure if there is a limit? The most I’ve tried is nearly £400.

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So, to summarise, the £100 limit is a total for contactless use between chip & pin transactions. The only way to reset it is to use the card with the PIN somewhere (cash machine or shop).

Using Apple or Google pay uses a different system of authorisation so doesn’t need a PIN and isn’t subject to the limit.


If you’ve hit your limit and try to pay with contactless you’ll get a notification that your transaction has declined and it instructs you to pay with chip and PIN.


I thought so too, so it’s not £100 per transaction it’s £100 of contactless payments and then a chip and pin one?

Does anyone know what other banks do in this regard?

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Lloyds bank kept a £45 contactless limit so far

Lloyds contactless limit Jun 2021

Revolut allow you to reset the contactless limit from within the app.
As far as I know, they are the only ones who offer this feature.


That’s still at the retailers discretion and this isn’t the same limit that the OP is talking about.

The £100 limit imposed by Monzo is the total amount across all contactless transactions before you’re required to enter your PIN.

Just link your card with either Google or Apple Pay and the previous questions can be filed in B1N ! :green_apple:

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As discussed before, that’s probably because many don’t believe it complies with the spirit of the rules, if not the letter.


Is that because Revoult don’t have a banking licence so they can (in a way) bend/make their own rules and shift the liability to the customer?

That’s a thought I hadn’t had.

Yes, I get what you say :grin:

Starling is similar. Still, it says it may ask for “chip & pin” every so often.

I used my Starling debit card in Lidl (3 time in a row, because I sort my shopping in categories, eg home, pet food & groceries) and on 3rd time it asked me to enter PIN :smirk: