Update your details notification help

Hello, I’m stuck on which option to choose for the update your details as i qualify for 3 of the options but I’m more curious to why i have received it.

If they’re asking you to update your details, check whether it’s all accurate and update accordingly.

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so its nothing to worry about?

Are they asking you your name?

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Worry? no.

But they’re asking for a reason, so double check it all and update anything that is inaccurate.

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everything should be exactly the same as it was as nothing has changed. can you just ignore the request or find out the reason?

It either is or it isn’t. You’re supposed to check

I had one of those this morning. Went and confirmed my employment status, sector, job title and wage range. No fuss, it’s a regulatory thing, happy to do it.



Other banks are known to block accounts who refuse to provide said information.

Don’t understand why people are so shy for it. Already know where you spend, eat, drink, stay, live, who pays your salary etc.

They just want you to confirm it in black and white.

Same here!

I had this today too. I had a nose about before submitting.

Seems like an extremely limited list of industries to choose if you are employed - with no option for ‘other’. No wonder people are forced to give incorrect information when faced with questions like this (from anyone, not Monzo specific).


I wish I’d taken a screen shot of the options, might have been useful to share here.

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Just got this now.

First screen:

Employment status:

Pick an industry from this list:

You then have to pick a job - these are very specific.
I found it quite difficult to pick my job, I work doing tech ops in the creative/entertainment industry, but the company I work for does lots of other things that appear elsewhere in the list.

Some examples from the Arts/Creative category.

Then, if you can’t pick one, here’s what you’re told: