Monzo asking me to update my details (including earnings)

Am being asked to update my details including my earnings in app. Why? What regulation compels you to ask for this? And am I obliged to provide it? Am multi banked and not asked by the other organisations with whom I hold a bank account. Thanks.

Have you received any suspicious payments

Have seen this request by credit card companies, but not yet for current accounts.

Suggest that you ask Monzo in-app.

The community is just customers, like you.


I had this too the other day. I’ve held an account since 2016 so I assumed it was just a routine request, filled it in and haven’t thought anything more about it.

If you don’t want to answer it, then don’t?

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Could be related to product offerings so they have an idea of what you may be eligible for.

Does it explicitly force you to do it or just asking generally? Most banks do on application to be sure you have the most appropriate products available to you.

Just ignore it if you’re not confident providing your bank with your salary information.

I had this with Starling the other day. Why don’t you want to give this information to your bank? They know everything you spend, who your associates are etc. Monzo can see how much you earn from the Credit Bureaux anyway (I think) so they’re probably checking you give a matching answer.

If you ignore it, there’s a floating reminder over the bottom part of the app until you fill in the requested data.

Best place to ask the questions the OP raised is via the in-app support messaging. I can’t say how detailed the answer might be, but it would be an actual answer from Monzo as opposed to speculation from the public.


It is part of KYC - know your customers & AML - anti money laundering. If you goggle that you will find a lot of information on various regulations around it and reasons for it. Some of it is more sinister than others.

Thanks all for now.

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