🔜 Update transaction feed faster

Couldn’t agree more with this. Real disconnect now from when the monthly emails, making monzo twitter where in full flow.


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I’ve found my feed isn’t updating quickly since the new update was rolled out.

Quick update!

  • HTTP/2 is now rolled out in Production (we’re monitoring, but so far looks happy).
  • Changes are coming in 3.4.0 to take advantage of it, so you should see a decent speed-up in next week’s release.
  • We’ve added some performance monitoring (key one is “time from app foreground to latest balance drawn onscreen”) so we can see our impact as we make improvements.

Next up:

  • Combining some responses with nested dependencies (I’m looking at you, Pots).
  • Communicating update status better (priority of this depends on the impact of performance changes).
  • Investigating some “performance-adjacent” bugs (e.g. feed updates not always happening correctly in background).

Happy Tuesday :hot_coral_heart:


Brilliant to hear. Looking forward to this as the performance for me has been really bad. Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the update @james :smiley:

Something I’m experiencing a lot at the moment is when opening the app after a first transaction is made for the day, that transaction sits in ‘yesterday’ with the rest of my transactions rather than ‘today’. Force closing the app then completes a proper refresh and it resolves itself.

Is this something that’s on your radar?


Very much so!


It’s been a while since I checked, but is this available for the developer API as well? I can’t rememeber whether the app and developer APIs are actually the same endpoints or not…

It is indeed!

➜ curl -v https://api.monzo.com

* Using HTTP2, server supports multi-use

> GET / HTTP/2
> Host: api.monzo.com

< HTTP/2 200
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Hey all,

We just posted an overall update on New Nav, your feedback, and what we’re focussing on improving first: