🔜 Update transaction feed faster

Having a banking app that takes 20 seconds sometimes to update is pretty crap, regardless of who it is. I don’t get this with my other banks so I don’t get why this isn’t prioritised, I’m not the only person to mention it either.

On the one hand, Monzo claims to be more a software house than a bank, but isn’t doing a great job at either.

Who knows what their reasons are but it’s not a good state of affairs, regardless.

Mine updates within a second or so, iphone XR running the latest version of iOS…

A short(fast) cut; From ‘Home’, tap on Transfers (middle icon/arrows), then once that display loads, tap on ‘Home’ to go back - the feed will update. Yes, it is 2 taps, but it forces a feed update, is quick and one action I’ve got used to for checking the feed is current.

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I had the issue with an XS Max iOS 12/13 and still have it on the 11 Pro.

This has my vote also.

Has been this way since new nav was in development, very surprised it hasnt been sorted yet

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I thought it may have been me. But it doesn’t seem quite as quick as it use to.


Even taking forum activity/votes as a way to measure why this isn’t being prioritised, it’s clear to see why.

A small thread, with 11 votes, versus long threads with 100+ votes. Which do you think Monzo is gonna look at first?

Thing is though im pretty sure it was mentioned by bruno as being a known issue?

Its a pretty high profile bug if it leads people to think their balance is wrong is it not?


I don’t like it either.

But we don’t know how/if Monzo priortise things. I’m guessing as much as everyone else, just trying to do so without quite so much rhetoric and negativity.

As I understand, this is something we’re looking in to at the moment.

I’ll see if I can get an update on where we’re at :blush:


Excellent, thanks @Dan5

Thanks @Dan5!

Once again, a little more transparency on what IS and ISN’T being worked on would’ve been useful so anything you can share with us would be appreciated.


Hi folks! Let’s talk performance :slight_smile:

This is right! We cache the entire feed offline, and in general only re-sync the last 7, 30 or 90 days as appropriate. About once a week we’ll re-sync the whole lot, but we do that month-by-month working backwards in time, so you’ll always get the most recent first.

Spot on: when you receive a push notification for a transaction, the app wakes up in the background to pre-emptively fetch that feed item, so that things feel faster.

We prioritise updating the balance before updating the feed, because knowing your balance is generally the priority when you open the app.

Unfortunately this isn’t a new thing, but it’s certainly something that’s got gradually worse over time. Each new feature brings new API requests, which adds a little more delay. My team are working on making it better now.

There are a few different strands to the network performance work we’re doing, so I want to take these in turn:

Request Volume

We currently make a very large number of separate API requests when you launch the Monzo app. Whilst this granularity is good for us as developers (e.g. reasoning about how things are structured), it sucks on mobile devices where latency hurts us most.


There are a couple of approaches we’ll be taking here: the first is that we’re rolling out HTTP/2 support for external APIs. This gives us request multiplexing for free, which is much more efficient than the current simultaneous requests approach we take now, and avoids the problem of queue starvation if many requests are queued up.

Combined Responses

The second is to combine API responses so that responses are structured to represent app “screens” rather than collections of “types of thing” (balances, accounts, transactions, etc.) This means fewer API requests to build any given screen, which again means less time waiting.

Communicating Status

This has been alluded to above with the “loading screens” comment: it’s currently unclear when updating the balance what the app is actually doing. That means you can’t trust that your balance has been updated, and don’t have a clear idea of the time it’s taking. You feel you have to force it to manually update to reassure yourself it’s right. That’s not good enough.

Since Monzo works offline and doesn’t make you log in each time, we need to represent the status of the balance you see when you open the app. We’re working with our designers to communicate this properly.

Non-Network Performance

“Time to update balance” isn’t just the network time, it’s the performance of the app as a whole: how long does it take to launch, or to render things on the screen? How long does it take to be useable? Are all the interactions “buttery smooth”. This is one of the yardsticks with which we’ll measure our team’s success over the next 3 months.

We really care about this stuff. My Monzo user number is #8. I have 4 years of feed history, 8,000 transactions at 2,000 merchants, 800 payees. When there are performance issues, we’re the ones who feel them the most keenly :slight_smile:

This is our focus now, and we’re going to keep the updates flowing so you can see the work we’re doing :+1:


WONDERFUL update, thanks for the clarity and good to see this is on Monzo’s radar.


Great to see Monzo actively engaging with the community, thanks for the update @james as I’ve also noticed it being really slow of late.


This is quite possibly the best and most meaningful update from Monzo on anything so far - great work @james :+1:t2:


Great stuff @james looking forward to this being improved and thanks for such a detailed update :clap:

And also @Dan5 for checking in on us and passing on our query. You get a :clap: too


Great to hear, thanks for taking the time to upate us @james :smiley:


I second this - I’m sure a lot of user frustration on this site would be toned down with a more visible roadmap of what is being worked on and when and what isn’t (like my long requested joint overdraft facility sniff). For those that are rejected or low priority some explanation updated regularly would bring Monzo back in my eyes to that great firm that promised to disrupt the legacy banks in the way they treat their customers!


A quarterly update of a list of things being worked on, things that are possibly next (not a commitment but a ‘makes sense if we do X after Y’), and things not being looked at that they have an eye on.

Doesn’t need to be exhaustive, nor plastered with explanation. Just a feature, a status, and a note.