Upcoming Direct Debits now showing in Home Feed!

(Michael Jenkins) #101

True, however if you scroll down so that the last actual transaction today is at the top. i.e. what you normally see without future transactions, the balance shown is that at the beginning of the day, not the current balance. This I find a little confusing.

(MikeF) #102

Oh? It doesn’t do that for me. I get the current balance until today’s stuff disappears off the top of the list.

(Michael Jenkins) #103

Interesting…That is the behaviour i would expect.

I have checked the how the balance updates. it seems that is only updates once per day when you scroll, and it shows the value at the beginning of the day no matter how many transactions there are. In that respect the behaviour is consistent for when it changes from upcoming transactions to today’s transactions.

Im sure when I was on iOS the balance updated as each transaction went out of view.

(Andy) #104

Doesn’t do it for me here, the balance is always at the top on my iPhone.

(Nathan) #105

Is there a plan to show upcoming standing orders in the feed also? Specifically those for pots as well?

(Peter Shillito) #106

I’d like that too tbh. I have a lot of inbound and outbound pot transfers, but also a couple of standing orders…

(MikeF) #107

That would be good and sort of completes the set of the ‘upcomings’.


I think I’ve just had a notification saying ‘direct debit due tomorrow’ But it’s actually due out Monday? Might be worth changing if so

(Nathan) #109

Its “due” tomorrow as your agreed debit date, but will be taken on Monday as next working day.

Does it not show the correct date on your actual feed? (Monday) mines has worked like this in the past

(Peter Roberts) #110

Next working tomorrow :laughing:


My direct debits are set for the 17th of each month

It’s rightly saying ‘3 days from now’ on my feed

It was just the notificaion that said tomorrow

No major issue just a note

(Nathan) #112

Oh yeah agree, wouldnt take much from monzo’s side im sure to sync this up :slight_smile: