Upcoming BACS payment

I got an upcoming payment that was supposed to come into my account today and it still isn’t here and still showing upcoming. Two BACS payment still showing upcoming. Is there something I could do cause I really need the money

It’s already 8:45AM by the time here on the scheduled payday which is today & it’s still showing as an upcoming payment. It should’ve been in my account since 1AM. Is there a chance it’ll still come into my account because I’m starting to feel like the money won’t.

you could try in app support and ask when the payment is due to land ?

If it was due 1am this morning initiate live chat if it’s due 1am tomorrow you can receive it 4pm today

I’ll be sure to do that but is there anyone who has had a late upcoming payment but still got the money later on ? Just tryna know

I got 2 bacs payments at 1am so I’m not sure why yours is delayed. Best to ask in app

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