A Payment I Do Not Recognise

(Alex Warren) #1


I have a transaction on my account I do not recognise, what is the next step please?

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press on the transaction and then scroll down to "something wrong - tell us "

(Alex Warren) #3

Thanks for this but I am currently without use of a mobile phone.

(Gordon Dack) #4


Welcome to the Forum, at the bottom of the payment there is SOMETHING WRONG? TELL US!, click on that, there is an option on the next page to Chat to Monzo or question the payment.

Hope this helps.

(Gordon Dack) #5

email help@monzo.com

(MikeF) #6

Then all you can do is phone them using the number on the back of the card or email them I suppose.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #7

How do you know there is an unauthorised transaction on your account without access to the app on your phone?

Edit: Sorry I should be more helpful.

Go here: https://web.monzo.com/ and freeze your card immediately until you get access to your account on your phone again and you can then investigate properly yourself. If it’s a mistake, unfreeze your card and continue otherwise do as suggested above by reporting the transaction in app.

(Thomas Allan) #9

Monzo Web?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #10

Bit far fetched that he would be sat refreshing the Monzo web application to notice a fraudulent transaction has just come through but it’s still plausible. Could just be a coincidence that he has lost his phone and went online today, the same day the transaction happened.

I’ve already edited my answer to be more helpful :slight_smile:

(Thomas Allan) #11

OP doesn’t say its just happened… Only that he has just seen it. Transaction could have happened at any time and its just been noticed. I’m just playing devils advocate though :slight_smile:

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perhaps we should take the query at face value and try and help as their first interaction with Monzo community ???

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Yeah same here :laughing: . Could be all sorts of reasons, hopefully he gets it sorted soon with the help he has been given.

Have you not read my reply? I edited it long before your comment.

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I have :slight_smile:

(Alex Warren) #16

Thanks for everyones input, well apart from one person by all accounts. You are quite right Thomas in that this transaction took place over a week ago but I have only just been able to notice this.

I will just ring, stops anymore shitty replies. These forums always go the way same way,knew it was not worth my time.

(Jordan) #17

Is the vendor a different name to what you were expecting? It could be that when the transaction was completed the vendor was using a different terminal? So when it shows up in the feed it looks unrecognisable.