Unread Posts

Does anyone else get this ‘error’ on the forum?

Shows unread items, click on unread but nothing there.

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Yes, I see that occasionally.


Yup. I get that regularly on my iPhone.

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Yup I do indeed…

No. Never ever get that

I get it a lot, but sometimes it’s actually true - I’m “done” with posts on latest, I check Unread and there’s one more, sometimes few more. And I’m sure I read all from latest! :thinking:

I am getting it loads and it us annoying as f…k!

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If you want to help get that fixed, this is the place to do it :slight_smile:

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F5 clears it for me…

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I’ve been getting a lot of Japanese on the forum.

Hopefully that’s fixed now -


I had this bug since I joined Monzo forum… :smiley: But we’ll see if it’s fixed indeed. :wink:

Hasn’t been fixed yet as its still happening

Anyone else seeing this issue again?