Something’s changed in DiscourseHub?

Posting this in Feedback but it’s not about the Monzo app, it’s reading the forum on iOS through DiscourseHub.

I tend to read all posts and use the change of colour in the title to see what I have read.

This has stopped working. Here is the information from the Discourse help page.

This is what I’m now seeing - every topic has the same light blue colour.

The only way I can get back to how I used to read the forum is by changing the drop down from Latest to Unread (and as I read these they disappear from that view)

This started happening a few days ago - anyone else seeing this?

Tagging @AlanDoe not sure if anyone else knows the inner workings and if anything has been changed?

Yeah I’ve the same problem not using the discourse app


PS this is working correctly in other forums I frequent so I don’t think it’s the DiscourseHub app

I thought I was going mad keep clicking into topics that didn’t have anything new.

There’s also a desktop change today, as you scroll up the avatar stays pinned for that persons post until you get beyond it.


I promise I haven’t changed anything :eyes:

I did read that there’s been some slight setting bugs with Discourse of late but I’ll do some digging to see what’s going on.


I’ve had that since Sunday for whatever reason. I’m used to it now but it’s jarring at first!


It’s fine for me on Android ( chrome) for reference.

When I change to light mode, read topics are also light blue not grey, but unreads are fine.



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