Who fiddled with the Discourse hamburger menu?

The hamburger menu here is worse to use as of the changes today, and now I can’t find the option to toggle dark and light modes.

Please un-change it!

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Not made any changes :thinking:

Mind showing me @j06 ?

Nevermind, can see it now :eyes:


Out of curiosity what has changed (or what’s changed back)? I almost never go in there because I find it clunky to use, and really only do so to dismiss notifications.


Why does the hamburger menu appear on the opposite side of the screen from where the button is? Help! :scream:


Glad its not only me who was getting frustrated with it! Also ,previously, the hamburger linked to ‘new’ and ‘unread’ etc - that seems to be gone.


Yes, I pretty much navigate solely by New and Updated in the menu. There are now a lot more clicks, and the number of threads in each doesn’t show.

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I could be missing something here - something changed then reverted possibly?

Nothing has changed for me. At the top of ‘community.monzo.com’, under the :monzo: logo at the top-left, my headings are shown as:

This example shows there are 3 unread posts in the ‘Unread’ category. If there is anything ‘New’, that is also shown in-between ‘Latest’ and ‘Unread’ with the number of unread ‘New’ posts.

With only a click/tap from the default home page view, I can easily get to Latest, New & Unread posts.

EDIT: That default home page view :point_up: is set in Profile → Preferences → Interface → Default Home Page as ‘Categories’:

Screenshot 2023-07-17 181350

It looks as if you’re viewing on a larger screen. I’m using the Community on my iPhone, and under the M those options are themselves in one drop-down. In the old hamburger menu, on the other side of the menu bar, the options for Unread and New were visible.

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Well it’s only changed on here!

Fintech Forum is still using the old one.

That screenshot was from a laptop, yes - but the same setup is available on my phone;

They’re talking about the hamburger menu, not that drop down on the main forum overview.

Here’s a screenshot of Monzo’s hamburger out and then Fintech Forum’s which is similar to what the old Monzo one looked like:

Now you have to click topics to get to the page with the drop down (or the Monzo logo [or the back button in your browser]) and then open the drop down and then tap on an option. Istead of just opening the menu and tapping latest posts.


Ah, now I get the issue, thanks.

I (despite being Android and therefore exposed to hamburgers and FABs) don’t navigate the forums - Monzo, Fintech Forum, RSPCA, etc. - in that way. Only occasionally look at the :hamburger: for birthdays, reduction in Coral Crew/Admins, death of associated services, others.
But feeling strangely hungry now for some reason.

[5 Whistles :musical_note: ] - I’m lovin’ it - and a filet-o-fish for my vife.


Thanks @N26throwaway I knew I was doing a bad job at explaining myself!

Fintech Forum doesn’t have an option for light/dark modes but here that option also appeared on the hamburger menu. Now I have no idea where to find it.

Please @AlanDoe can you find a way of changing it back?

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Tap/click on Profile pic at top-right → Profile (bottom-right icon on RHS of drop-down) → Preferences → Interface → Theme

Probably tons of taps/clicks more than the hamburger route - but that’s where it is.

Here’s the workaround I’m using for now to get those links back:


Thanks @davidwalton. On that page I’ve even seen I can change the default homepage to Unread, so that’s suiting me fine now.

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So Discourse made some shiny options available but instead of an opt in - it seems to have just implemented them straight away.

Looking to revert :soon: