iOS Unread Badge Count Wrong

Issue: the unread badge count on the app icon is incorrect

Details to reproduce: Upgraded to the new Home Screen layout in Monzo.
Receive a notification (transaction for example).
App badge appears, stating 1 unread notification.
Open the app to dismiss the new item
Close the app - the red badge has now cleared.
When a new notification is received, the badge should now reappear with a count of 1. Actually what happens is that the badge appears with a count of 2.
This continues - my badge is currently stating 16 unread notifications, but all have been read / cleared in the app.

Device: iphone 14 Pro
App Version: 5.10.0 #881


Are you using the new fancy home screen?

If so, make sure you click on one of the cards in the top section, and go to the “old feed”, instead of the “latest activity” feed :slight_smile:

This was happening for me too, but I think it’s fixed now.