Understanding the payments icon badge

Not sure if this is a big or lack of understanding, but the fact I don’t understand it probably makes it bad UI (because, obviously, it could never be that I’m too stupid :grimacing:)…


But I frequently open the (iOS) app to see a badge showing the number 23, on the payments icon. No apparent rhyme nor reason as to when it appears, but it dissappears once I open the payments tab, and reappears a day or two later. The 23 appears to correspond to the number of contact I have with little blue dots next to them. No idea what that’s supposed to mean.


I think that’s supposed to mean new contacts that recently got Monzo, normally it’s supposed to remember (on the server) which ones you’ve seen (so you only get it when one of your contacts joins Monzo for the first time) but in your case it’s clearly broken, I suggest getting in touch with in-app support.

Have you tried logging out and back in? Account tab, then hit your name at the top, then ‘Log out’ at the bottom?

Next would be deleting and a reinstall from the App Store?

Aha, right, thanks. That would make sense. But it’s far from clear that that’s the intention or indeed what benefit arises from knowing someone I know has just got a Monzo account.

The in-app help seems to strongly deter me from reporting “bugs” via chat and is quite insistent I should post in the forums. I think I can live with it!

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I think this is expected behaviour (not the icon reappearing with the full count obviously) so asking it to be removed would be feedback (for the community to discuss), rather than a bug.

My guess is that reason why this flag / incon exists is to let you know that you’re now able to send money to your friend using the p2p feature - so faster, depending on who they bank with & with emoji, if you’re into that sort of thing :tada:

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I get the same issue - one contact disappears and reappears, and each time they reappear, the badge count icon appears!