Notification bubble starts with 2

Whenever I do a purchase, Monzo app notification bubble shows a badge with 2 instead of 1. Subsequent purchases only increase the count by 1. But once I open the app and the badge goes away the next purchase will show badge with 2!

I have had this for quite sometime now. I reported this via in app chat earlier. But wondering if others see the same thing as I haven’t seen any mention of it in the forum!

I tried to logout/login, delete the app and redownload, but the issue is still there…

I don’t have this issue, that sounds strange! Which version of the app & iOS do you have?

Latest of both. App version is 1.6.3#265 and iOS 10.0.
I have had this since an earlier version of the app and also when I was on iOS 9.

I guess since this is not a systematic issue probably something wrong on my side… but if anyone has the same please shout!


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This is really weird. I wonder if there’s any pending conversation on the customer support section. Could you please go to the “Help” tab and review there’s nothing hanging there? Thanks!

Just checked and nothing hanging there. Anyway I went through the few chats I had just to make sure anything gets cleared. I ll let you know when I do my next payment.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Still got 2! Very weird

:thinking: This is very odd. We’re aware of something like this that sometimes happens but it should be fixed when you logout and back in again. @james any ideas?

Tried again today deleting the app, reinstalling it without enabling notification (and hence no notification on payment) then deleting and reinstalling with notification enabled, and still getting 2!

@Kabe A few suggestions that you may find fix this issue.

  • A device restart.
  • Go into settings and disable notifications for Monzo, and then turn them back on.

I had this issue with a different app a while ago and Apple said try that and it fixed it, it may solve it for you too.

Thanks. Will try this

No luck! Restarted phone, disabled/enabled notifications… still the same

I have this issue also! It’s been bugging me for weeks but I just never got around to voicing it until now! :grimacing: Drives me crazy.

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I also get 2 on app badge instead instead of 1. I don’t think this is a user specific issue.

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I’ve been getting this as well since updating to iOS 10.0

Yesterday I got back the badge with 1! I was pleased waaaaay more than I should have!

Didn’t do anything specific just noticed it on a purchase!

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