Undergraduate study - Investigation into Brand Engagement in Fintech

Hi Monzo Community :wave: My name is Merily and I’m currently writing my undergraduate dissertation in Marketing. I am investigating how financial technology (Fintech) characteristics impact Brand Engagement with brands such as Monzo

I would really appreciate if you have 2-4 mins to spare and can fill in my survey :blush:

Hi Merily & welcome :wave:

Survey completed :ballot_box_with_check:

Are you a :monzo: user?

Hi David, thank you! And yes I am :raised_hands:

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Survey completed.

All the best :+1:

Thank you Paul :raised_hands:

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Completed the survey. Hope your dissertation goes well. I am doing mine currently too so I know how hectic it gets at this time of year. All the best :slight_smile:

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Have you posted the survey requested on other Fintech community forums?

One that springs to mind, that some of us here do visit too, is FintechTalk

May increase your responses, may not, however, it should be the right audience.

The Emma fintech app also has a community, though engagement there does appear to be very low.

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And bravo for coming here with a survey that isn’t filled with errors!


Thanks again @PaulUK :pray: I haven’t tried other forums yet but every little helps, I’ll definitely give them a try!

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Done. I agree, great to see a survey without error. Good luck. R-

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As a Monzo employee you may have got a bit of a biased response from me on some questions :slight_smile:


Thanks @TheoGibson for your help!

Could you explain this question, I’m not sure I get it ?

FinTech features guarantee security in navigation

All done. Good luck with it.

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@kolok thanks for your question, it aims to determine whether or not you think that the navigation through the Fintech app is secure :slight_smile:

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Thank you! @Drew58

Filled survey in for you.

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Thanks for your help @gallifreyangirl :blush:

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If you help others they will be more inclined to return the favour and fill out your survey.

Get involved in discussions and topics outside of this one and I’m sure you’ll find more people :slight_smile:

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