Monzo Research Project Questionnaire (August 2021)

Topic created to allow @WorkBearDecember to post a link to a questionnaire which may help with a research project about Monzo.


Thank you very much @davidwalton!

Hello everyone! My name is Paal and I’m a Marketing student currently doing a research project about Monzo. Part of this research project involves collecting insights from Monzo customers.

I’ll be putting the questionnaire here and some more information very soon!


The link to the questionnaire: Monzo Customer Questionnaire

The research project is about marketing in new online banking. The questions revolve around your sentiments towards various aspects of Monzo and their product line. It should take no longer than a few minutes to complete.

The questionnaire is anonymous, but there is a slot at the end where you can insert your email address in order to enter a draw to win a £20 Amazon gift card. This is completely voluntary. You do not have to enter your email address if you are not comfortable with sharing it. But if you don’t enter your email address, you will not be in the draw.

The data collected will only be used for academic purposes during this research project.

Please only take this questionnaire if you are a customer of Monzo.

Thank you for helping out :blush:


Thanks, Paal!

Do come back and tell us what you’ve learnt after you’re done. :blush:



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Filled in survey.

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Thank you!

Survey completed :+1:


Completed :slight_smile:
Be sure to mention in your dissertation that this is a self-selecting set of respondents among monzo customers that are engaged with a community forum and the potential bias that this may have introduced. You could consider also promoting the survey (or a duplicate of the survey to keep the respondents separate) on a bank-neutral personal finance forum or subreddit (though always check the rules for subreddits as they don’t all allow promotion of this kind of thing).

Also consider reviewing published reports and blogs from Monzo including;

And reading the forum community’s response in the related threads on here.



Oh definitely, the potential bias have been considered extensively and will certainly be discussed in the dissertation. I’m a little hesitant pursuing non-Monzo forums as I consider it likely that non-Monzo customers will be completing the questionnaire just for the chance of winning the gift card. I know there is a Monzo subreddit, so I’m considering putting it there though. We’ll see!


Thank you to everyone who have responded! :relaxed: I haven’t set a specfic date I will stop taking responses, but it will probably be the coming weekend


Hello! Welcome to the forum :wave:t2:

I absolutely love this!

Looking forward to reading your findings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you :relaxed:

Many responses so far! Huge thank you to those who have responded :smile:


Bumping this in case someone hasn’t seen it yet and to let people know that it’s still open. Decent chances of winning a £20 Amazon gift card as well!

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Once the survey is closed it’ll be great to hear more about exactly what you’re interested in learning from the survey. But save that till after it’s close so as not to influence anyone’s responses :slight_smile:


Yes, absolutely! Gonna share my findings here.

Lots of responses so far, but I still think we can do some more before the weekend :smiley:
If you haven’t responded, get in!

No longer accepting responses. Massive thank you to everyone here that responded. Will do the gift card raffle tomorrow!