Help with Undergraduate Research (Survey)


Not sure if I am allowed to post this on here (please let me know if that’s the case) but I would really appreciate if any of you could take some time in helping me out by filling in a short survey questionnaire. This will be a massive help for me in trying to gather some meaningful information I can then translate into my final piece of work.

The research is around FinTech and how the introduction of technology has shaped the consumer behaviours to choose FinTech over traditional providers (with a particular emphasis placed on Banking industry - where Monzo comes in as one of the providers).

Click Here

Thank you in advance!


Happy to help - think you might have a bug though.

I tried just “Don’t use Fintech Providers” and the red error border appeared.

I clicked any two others at random and it is still there and will not allow submission.

I unclicked “Don’t use FIntech Providers” and selected three others at random with the same outcome.

This is on an iPad if it makes any difference.


Does the same on Android too.

Seems to be working at least on my end, and I have received 2 responses in the past hour or so. I think the issue might be with choosing too many answers in certain sections as what I am looking for in some of them is very specific, i.e. 5 at most.

Thank you!

Thank you for highlighting this, I’ve been asking for people to complete this for days without realising I haven’t put a number in one of them which is why you were getting an error I think.

Can you please try again?

Thank you very much.

No problem - just completed it on iPad and it was fine. R-