Postgradute Dissertation-Online Questionnaire

Hi Everyone,
I am currently doing my Postgradute dissertation at university for MSc Management and Finance. I have decided to use Monzo as a basis for my research. It focuses on How challenger banks are using Financial Technology (Fintech) to retain a competitive advantage.

I was hoping if you can spare 2-5mins to complete my questionnaire. The questionnaire will be anonymous.

Seen a lot of these recently. Out of interest, what course is it that you’re doing, and at which institution (Click links before asking questions in future @N26throwaway! :man_facepalming:)?

Perhaps it would be useful to merge this with the other thread from the other day and have a thread dedicated to postgrad research for stuff like this?

Aaaaaand just like all the other research topics this has lost its credibility right at the very first question.

Do you have a traditional bank account or Digital bank account?{Traditional banking is a bank with a physical location that you visit in order to open an account e.g. Barclays , Halifax, NatWest. While Digital banking is a bank services that can only be open online through the use of mobile apps e.g. Monzo , Sterling , Revolt}

I find the lack of proofreading revolting :smirk:

Also the next yes/no question is optional, but the one after that is a mandatory free text field asking another Yes/No question + reasoning.

I didn’t read after that

Tick boxes will give you much more easy to analyse data as you won’t end up with a hundred variants of the same answer that you’ll then have to analyse and decide which ones to merge/count as the same.

These Monzo research topics seem like a get out of jail free card simply because there are so many of them. And sorry but if you want me to spend my time answering your questionnaire, please spend more time putting it together than it takes me to fill out (see my first point)


Do you have to visit branches now to open an account? I thought most (if not all) allow online applications now?

Another potential flaw. I haven’t opened an account with some of the banks in the example recently but I wouldn’t be surprised if they allowed online opening. NatWest for instance allowed online opening for a year or two at least, I think

I’ve opened an account with Lloyd’s, Halifax and RBS online all in the last year

As for the grammar/proof reading, please remember that some students may be writing in a second language

While Digital banking is a bank services that can only be open online through the use of mobile apps e.g. Monzo , Sterling , Revolt}

Sorry but your definition of what makes a “traditional bank” vs a “Digital Bank” makes assumptions that are wrong before you’ve even got the second question.

Difference of opinion aside (just fending off the usual arguments about why insert your chosen fintech here is best ) Lloyds has one of the best digital banking experiences of any of the many banks I have accounts open with and you can most certainly open an account online without ever needing to step into a branch. I know you can open RBS, Barclays, Virgin Money, HSBC and First Direct accounts online and/or in app.

Lastly your questionnaire doesn’t seem to be anything more than a customer service style Monzo feedback question. What do we like, what don’t we like… How does that answer the questions "How challenger banks are using Financial Technology (Fintech) to retain a competitive advantage"

All your questions could easily be answered with a quick search of this forum

Perhaps I wasn’t too clear but some of it has nothing to do with English as a second language. Saying Sterling and Revolt instead of Starling and Revolut is unacceptable, shows a lack of care and indicates that this is just a quick box ticking exercise. Not to mention the inconsistent spacing around commas

I wrote my science thesis in English as a second language but I absolutely made sure that I understood my subject matter and that I didn’t make obvious mistakes in (well known) key terms.

I know this is a logical place to find people to fill it in (or post corrections) but I don’t like how people join and then post their link. It’s like being cold called.

And to make it worse, they posted the link and never returned.

Perhaps he finds Revolut revolting!

But yes, fair enough. I think the survey yesterday was of better quality lol

Also on the “What Banking features attracted you to Monzo”, you either need to give more options that cover the full feature set, or an “Other” - as my reason isn’t listed.

“Do you trust Monzo with your Deposit” - I think Deposit is the wrong choice of words; I read that to mean deposit like when renting, not simply “my balance”, which I think you mean.

On the “How did you find out about Monzo” - again an “Other” option is needed; it was other people using hot coral cards that did it - not friends or family.

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If there’s a mandatory text box, I’ll close down every poll straight away.

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