Unable to ‘view details’ on virtual card with FaceID enabled

With FaceID for authentication enabled, clicking ‘View Details’ on a virtual card triggers the FaceID ‘spinner’ which activates successfully but then disappears, and no details are revealed.
If I disable FaceID auth and use PIN; I can view details of a virtual card fine.

iOS 14.0
iPhone 11 Pro Max
Monzo 3.52.0 build 676

I’m in iOS 14.2, same build and I am seeing the same problem!


Same problem. iPhone Xs

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Same problem here - was wondering what had happened and why I hadn’t seen anyone post about it!

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Yup same here! Glad I’m not the only one. Hope this gets fixed soon :crossed_fingers:

Hey everyone!

Good spot :eyes:

If you update to 3.52.1 then this should be resolved!



Confirmed working now for me :+1:t2: