[iOS] Show Card Numbers Disables Face/Touch ID

I have FaceID for Authorization on for security - I have noticed in the latest app release that when I go to the Account tab, Press Numbers, and then Show Card Numbers I get a successful FaceID read of my face but am then presented with “Sorry your pin could not be retrieved at this time”.
The card number is made visible but if you then go into settings I am finding FaceID for Authorization has been turned back to off.

Hardware: iPhone X
OS: iOS 12.1.4
App: 2.35.0

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I have exactly the same bug.

Monzo 2.35.0
iPhone X
iOS 12.1.4

Same issue for me - however mine just asks me for Card PIN instead of using Face ID, shows the card number but disabled Face ID at the same time.

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Actually, now you mention it mine intermittently has this step too!

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