Unable to top up?

My partner is currently unable to top up. She is unable to use Apple Pay, nor direct debit card payment. Her account is in order.

Are there any issues at the moment?

Monzo’s Status page isn’t displaying any issues.

The limit for top ups via Apple Pay is £100. I’m assuming that you mean that card top ups are failing, rather than direct debit?

I’d recommend contacting the Monzo customer support team, via the in-app chat or by emailing help@monzo.com so that they can take a proper look at her account. Her bank might be able to shed more light on this too but they’ll be slower to respond :wink:

I don’t believe this is true for topping up your own account. I’ve just recently topped up amounts of £250 and £300 from Apple Pay. £100 sounds like the Monzo.me web single payment limit.

Back to the issue though, definitely ask Monzo support to look in to it. They will be able to tell you if it’s an issue with Monzo or the bank of the top-up card declining it for reasons such as fraud.

Perhaps it’s a restriction imposed by my bank (Lloyds) then. I can’t top up more than £100 using Apple Pay.

It’s good to know that that may be different for other users though.

That sounds like a Lloyds thing to do. :upside_down:

For reference, I used a Barclays Apple Pay card for those top ups.

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As a test, only trying to top up £10 via her BCard. It says payment not completed. I did look at the status page and saw that everything seems to be operational. My card is working as expected too.

Will contact Monzo support.

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BarclayCard? Credit cards aren’t supported if that’s the case.

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No, a Barclays Debit card - sorry was on the move so my explanation could’ve been clearer.

I’ve been a Monzo user for almost a year so I’m pretty versed in how it works. My partner not so long, but she knows what’s she’s doing, but couldn’t figure it out, so she asked me.

I’ll have to chat to support - something is amiss here.

Turns out there was a glitch on the account - all solved now. Thanks for the help (to Monzo too!).


thanks for getting back to us to let us know