Unable to top up using Indian debit card


I used to be able to top up my using my India debit card. No longer anymore! I get a message saying that my card is not supported (not a decline message). I tried multiple Indian debit card that I own and for all of them I get the same message saying card is not supported.

Has anything changed in Monzo recently. Unfortunately without this feature, I will have to stop using Monzo.

Anyone else facing the same issue?

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May be it is because the prepaid card is being wound down? But the current account will have the top up functionality shortly.

Nope. I am trying to top up on my prepaid card. Haven’t migrated onto current account.

Hi Sam, if the exact same card worked before, and isn’t working now, then it’s almost certain we can fix this (if the issue is anything on our end) or advise how to move forward (if it’s not!).

Please feel free to reach out to me via DM and let me know your registered Monzo email address so we can look into this!


Are you anywhere close to your top up limits? Further top up could be in excess of your limit.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your response. Will DM details.

No Bob it’s not the case.