This card is not supported

(Nicolas Alejandro Kowenski) #1

Why? i can buy in shops with my debit card but can not top up my monzo…
Its from Argentina’s ICBC bank.

(Caspar) #2

You can only top up by card with debit cards from certain countries.

(Nicolas Alejandro Kowenski) #3

Thanks @caspararemi.
Well its anoyng. They asume that iam doing fraud just because iam not from a “developed” country. This is not good. I have a visa debit card and a icbc account like any other in the world. :confused:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #4

Afraid so, though :monzo: Monzo is not assuming you’re doing anything wrong personally, but you have an account in a country where the risk of fraud to Monzo is higher than they’re prepared to take.

Where do you live? If you’re in Argentina I don’t think Monzo is set up for your daily use anyway (it is a UK bank after all) and you’ll be paying to transfer your Pesos into Sterling just to spend them again in Pesos. If you’re in the UK, why don’t you have your salary or wages paid directly into your new Monzo current account?

(En Quan Kho) #5

Good day,

I have a debit card & current account from Singapore. And would very much like to transfer my funds over to my monzo current account. However i find myself unable to top up (card not supported) and the bank isn’t recognized by my Singapore bank “DBS”. A large deal of Singaporean in the UK are users of DBS and Monzo could we request for a connection to be made with the two for fund transfer?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #6

Transferwise might be an option?