Another MSE poll

MoneySavingExpert has another poll on banking, this time to rate the quality of banking apps.


Honestly, if we were talking about the older Monzo app then I’d give it 5 stars, but this newest one seems buggy and rushed. I’m getting problems with it crashing, balances not updating, notifications not working even though they are enabled.

Have been in touch with support and they can only suggest to delete the app and reinstall, which works for a few days before things start going weird again

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Is this the new navigation, with the card peeking out from behind the feed? If so, that’s not official and still very much an early alpha which was opt-in only (with the exception of a small number of new customers)

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I mean if you’re on the new new one, it is still in testing. You can talk to COp to revert it.

iOS or Android?

Oh, I did not realise that!
I used to be involved with beta testing but thought that was done through TestFlight - every time I’ve re-installed the app recently it’s been directly from the App Store.

I’ll get in touch with them and ask if I can be removed.


TestFlight seems to be abandoned nowadays - I can’t spot any differences between that and the AppStore version. But yes, the new navigation is enabled through a feature flag - once removed you won’t be able to get it back until it’s a public release

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Thanks for the info.

If I contact them to get it disabled now, I understand that will keep me off this beta until the public release, but will that also stop me from testing future versions? I generally enjoy helping to test new apps, I’ve just got a lot going on at the moment with trying to finish college and could do without it for a few months.


From what I understand, if you have the Nav 2.0 feature flag enabled now, but ask for it to be disabled, you won’t be able to get the new design back while it’s in testing, even if there’s a radical change to it. If a few years into the future there’ll be a Nav 3.0 beta you’ll be able to sign up for that.

That’s my understanding but maybe @bruno can clarify if I’m not right?

Everyone will get the new navigation when it’s ready. In the meantime you can’t opt in and out every day because it causes increased load on customer support. We added folks who asked to, and made sure they could opt-out if it was breaking their experience. It’s not meant to be a on/off toggle for now.


On second thoughts, now that I know it’s a beta version, then I can just put up with these things. I thought it was a final release and that bugs hadn’t been ironed out properly.

Completely my fault, my stressed-out brain isn’t working properly! I’ll adjust my expectations accordingly lol