Unable to process payments inApp via iMessage payment request


I’ve spoken to a few support people about this but I haven’t seen any mention of it on the forums after a quick search, though I could be describing it wrong. I wondered if other people were having the same problem or is just me.

Whenever I receive an iMessage request for payment, I am always directed online to the Monzo.me webpage with no option above to open in Monzo app either by scrolling above the safari page or using the ‘open in’ option. The only way to get payments working in app is by deleting the app and then it starts to work for a time. After sometime it stops working again.
The problem appears to be between the Apple Universal Links and Monzo, as mentioned by particularly helpful customer service person.
I hope this can be resolve soon


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I had this once some weeks ago, but just assumed Monzo.me didn’t have the deep links set up properly. I haven’t had a chance to try since, but I know that Monzo.me links I’ve sent to my wife worked fine for her – she’s been taken into the Monzo app to pay me when tapping on them. Next time I owe some :pound:, I will make sure I get a Monoz.me link to test this out, instead of proactively paying. :grin:

That’s my experience as well :joy:. Works great for my girlfriend but not for me. I’ve just been paying in app directly rather than using iMessage to split the bill

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