Apple Pay Glitch


When I send my friend (who doesn’t have Monzo) a link to pay me back for a transaction, it shows them the option (in their iPhone browser) to use Apple Pay to pay me. They do that, and confirm it with touch ID - the money comes out of their account and into mine successfully, yet they see an “Application Error” message on their screen, and it doesn’t confirm to them that the payment has been made. Although the payment has successfully gone through, on their end, it confusingly doesn’t confirm that and instead just shows this “Application Error” message.

Details to reproduce:
Carry out a transaction, and then generate a link and send to your friend on an iPhone.

Your friend clicks the “Apple Pay” button to complete the transaction,

Friend confirms the payment using face/touch ID on the popup Apple Pay menu.

The money is successfully sent and received, but the page displays an “Application Error” instead of a confirmation. This only occurs when using the Apple Pay integration, it works fine with Google Pay or paying by entering card details manually.

They are using IOS.

They are using an iPhone 13.

App Version:
N/A, the issue is with the person trying to pay me via a link (they don’t have Monzo themself).