Unable to create joint account with partner

Partner and I both individual Monzo accounts with payments with friends on. But we can’t create a joint account.

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If Monzo don’t want to provide you a joint account for whatever reason, there isn’t anything you can do.

You will have to find a different bank I’m afraid :pensive:

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Monzo seem to have become stricter for some people recently for opening joint accounts.

Unfortunately that’s the end of it, there’s nothing you can do but wait and try again or go elsewhere.

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Are there any particular things that makes Monzo decline an application, do we know?

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I find this strange, as to have a Joint Account you both need to have a Personal Account. So if you’ve both already been accepted for a Personal Account - what’s the difference being accepted for a Joint?


That would be more understandable if they would just tell you why! How will users know if there’s an error, misunderstanding, or the red flag is something they can just easily fix? Seems unfair and not in the spirit of Monzo in general.

From what I’ve learnt on here, I wrote why they won’t tell you in the below post in another topic:

I seem to recall a post that all these account closures/refusals are manually reviewed. If you believe there to be a mistake you can always call, message, or email and ask them to double check.