Unable to cancel direct debit or see in bills

Issue: I have a direct debit that doesn’t allow me to cancel it and also doesn’t show in my left to pay bills pot total, I also can’t adjust it to stop coming out of the bills pot as it doesn’t think it’s selected to (although it does come out the bills pot every month!) And doesn’t allow me to select again because it says I should use my card.

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android 13
Device: Samsung S21 Ultra
App Version: 5.31.1


Delete app.

Restart device.

Reinstall app.

Do you get the same when going payments, then scheduled?

Cancel with the merchant otherwise, or ask Monzo to do it.

Now you mention it, I’ve got the same.

You would have received a letter in May saying they’re changing the way the scheme is managed and payments are processed, and you’ll see a new merchant name from July. That might have something to do with it, so I’d wait it out, I’d expect it to fix itself once the next payment is processed.

Needless to say, this isn’t something you should be cancelling anyway, you should go through the government’s portal to manage this.

Maybe, lets see what happens :grin:

I know, I wouldn’t be cancelling. It was more that it wasn’t in predicted outgoings and I couldn’t manage the payment from pot, and then I realised I didn’t have the normal cancel direct debit option

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The payment didn’t come out at all :thinking: I don’t have letter from May. What did it actually say?

Mine hasn’t either, but that not surprising given the content of the letter, and they do mention that your next DD amount may be different as it might be taken later.

I would try to find the letter though, your circumstances may be slightly different to mine so the changes might not be the same - especially since based on the amount you’re paying monthly, you’ve been on the scheme a lot longer than I have. If you don’t have the letter, you should contact them to double check that everything is in order.

Is this looking any better for you now? I had the notification yesterday that a new Direct Debit has been set up.

I have the same issue with a payment. It doesn’t have CANCEL DIRECT DEBIT or CANCEL STANDING ORDER.

It’s a SUBSCRIPTION. I’d like to cancel it.

It does seem strange as I can do just about everything in Monzo.

All sorted now and new DD setup and payment taken :+1:

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