Old direct debits still scheduled

I’ve just had a near heart attack after looking at my scheduled payments tab and seeings loads that are expected to be taken this month that I cancelled a long time ago :grimacing:

For example. My car insurance which I cancelled last year is scheduled to be taken this month but if I search my feed no payments have been taken since 2020 (which is when my contract ended).

Having spoke to most of these it would appear that Monzo are showing them as expected and the company isn’t planning on taking the funds. So my question is whether this is a Monzo issue or that these providers haven’t told Monzo that I’ve ended my contracts with them?

Did you cancel the direct debit in app?

Some don’t for whatever reason. I’ve recently moved all my DDs to another bank. The majority of the companies have had the old DD removed from Monzo, however a small handful haven’t and I’ve manually deleted them.

If you’ve set it up elsewhere then it shouldn’t matter if you delete it out of Monzo. Although to be sure I’d give it a few days then ring the company to check what details they hold.

No, I contacted the provider and ended it with them. Should I have cancelled the direct debit in app too? :confused:

I always do. Means the app doesn’t expect another payment


There’s about 8 or 9 some dating back years. I’ve spoke to some companies just to be sure and I’ve since manually cancelled the direct debit in app.

I just don’t recall this being an issue at my old bank (or that I didn’t notice), so I just wondered what has caused this to happen.

The ones that haven’t gone on mine were, Octopus, PayPal, Admiral and CSIS. Every other DD automatically got removed.

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You shouldn’t have to, and you’d be covered by the Direct Debit guarantee in any case, but often when I have cancelled a contract they’ve recommended that I also cancel the DD with the bank. I’ve rarely bothered, though.

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Even in my pre-Monzo days I always cancelled the Direct Debit my end after confirming that the provider had done theirs. HSBC could show them forever otherwise and I just didn’t like the idea of being one administrative mistake away from money leaving my account unexpectedly (even if I could get it back eventually). It felt like givng them, a blank cheque :laughing:

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I don’t delete them for a while as I’d rather fight with them for my money back than have a missed payment on my record , although I should be fine as they usually ask you to pay up by card etc.

But can you go to a payment and un select predict this payment in summary? That should do the trick.

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It’s good practice. Belt and braces.

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In Nationwide old inactive direct debits also often hang around doing nothing. Not sure what determines this, presumably something at the merchant end when they stop taking your direct debit (some will tell you to go and cancel it with your bank when your contract ends).

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What’s odd is that these never showed in my feed as upcoming, only under the scheduled tab.

Therefore, I assume its only when the merchant actually requests the money that it’s then shown in the main feed?

If that’s the case Monzo should be able to cross reference this with the expected date and if it isn’t collected do something with the direct debit? Or at least send an alert that a scheduled payment was never collected.

Thing is, of course, that not all dd are actually requested on any sort of schedule. The business I work for takes dd “as and when” - the bank wouldn’t be able to predict anything.

Even those that are regular can easily skip a collection or two (eg a credit card that you pay off manually once or twice).

There is nothing the bank can really do here. The merchant or customer can cancel the mandate, and after 13 months of inactivity it expires (unless extended). But that’s it.

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Interesting! thank you.

I guess I’ll just have to get into the habit of cancelling my contract with the merchant and then remembering to cancel the direct debit instruction after the last payment is taken.

Possible or not. It’s a shame there’s nothing more automated to do this either inside or outside of Monzo.

To be fair, I’ve never cancelled a DD and never run into any issues because of it.

Particularly with utility companies, where you may have run up a credit, they often ask you not to cancel it until you’ve received the refund (though I don’t understand what a refund has to do with the mandate - AFAIK there is no actual refund in the BACS DD system, its just a separate BACS credit payment).

Yeah it doesn’t matter you could leave them there forever, it’s the merchant who has the updated instruction so they point the payment to whatever bank is on that one by claiming the money via the DD.

Any old ones won’t suddenly start collecting as the merchant is using that new instruction.

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