Cant delete commited spending which has been cancelled

Issue: my budget removes “commited spending” for a direct debit that I cancelled months ago. The money doesn’t leave the account but my budget prediction is always wrong. How do I remove this commited spending?

Details to reproduce: set up direct debit and then cancel payment
OS: andriod
Device: Sony Xperia s8
App Version: up to date


Hello Natasha & welcome :wave:

Assuming the D/D has been cancelled by (or with approval from) the vendor;

  • Go to ‘Scheduled’ in Transfers
  • Scroll down to ‘Subscriptions & Direct debits’
  • Tap on the offending Direct debit
  • Tap on ‘Cancel Direct Debit’

This will remove it from upcoming committed spending.


Thank you so have no idea how irritating that was


You are welcome - happy to help make the Monzo experience better!